the sparkly season


This post is sponsored by PANDORA


Generally I am not one for speaking about Christmas too much before December, but there is no doubt it is everywhere long before advent actually begins. It’s inevitable to start thinking a little bit about everything Christmas embodies. And one of those things is certainly sparkle.. and lots of it. From glitter on baubles (and we all know that stuff multiplies and resides in your house for about six months after Christmas is over), to the Christmas party outfits - sparkle is a strong feature of Christmas. But, for those of us who tend to avoid sparkle wherever possible (apart from baubles, exceptions must be made), there is a way to start thinking about Christmas now… in a totally manageable way! 

You all know how much I love an androgynous outfit. It’s a year round feature in my wardrobe, and I am constantly inspired by other outfits I see that nod towards the androgynous. It doesn’t have to be overboard; just an oversized coat, or a sharp tailored suit. There is something so effortless about it, and I like to take that into both my day and evening wear; even into the festive season. Now androgyny and sparkle don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but that is why they work oh so well together. So let’s talk two outfits, both androgynous, both perfect for winter, both adding in a bit of sparkle… 

It is no surprise to me that PANDORA have got the most perfect Christmas collection after how much I have fallen for every one of their collections this year! The best thing about it, is that you can wear it now… and also after Christmas! I have been wearing these pieces day to day, and they just fit perfectly with my everyday looks. I am always looking for jewellery that can work with my most loved and worn wardrobe pieces; for instance this giant coat, one of the most manly ones I own! I have had this for years now, and I still wear it every season. I love how the PANDORA Locket Necklace looks sat between the lapels. A subtle touch of femininity in the midst of a piece that makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes (in a good way, an unexpected style icon there!) The necklace has clear casing so you can pop something inside, but I left mine empty - up close it look like a super simple circle pendant, but when it’s sat flat on your chest and catches the light, it looks completely opaque and like a completely different piece!

I find that my winter wardrobe becomes a dull affair in terms of texture. Lots of wool, denim, the tweed on this coat. I personally love it, and I love the mix of them all together, but it can sometimes become very heavy. In this case I broke it up with my red loafers (expect to see more and more of these over Christmas too), but also the jewellery helps to lift the whole look. I am loving the Star Trail Bangle alongside the matt textures, especially this cosy knit. It’s such a classic piece, and is so beautifully delicate, which then teamed with a chunky knit is the perfect mis-match! Generally oversized is the best way to get some androgynous vibes going, from baggy jeans to giant coats (and loafers, red for Christmas too), so team that with some dainty jewellery and you are onto a winner. 


pandora 23.jpg


Keeping on with the androgynous style, but for an evening look this time. Obviously the ultimate androgynous outfit is a two piece suit. Whether you wear it to work, through the day with a knit and trainers, or for an evening out. For making it evening appropriate the trick is to switch out a skinny or straight leg trousers for a leg lengthening alternative. Whether that be wide leg of a flare, it will instantly add so much more impact to the look. In a sea of glitzy dresses, a minimal and androgynous look is sure to stand out. I kept mine all black (the jacket and trousers aren’t an actual two piece, you can definitely mix and match here) and added in a printed shirt. A choice completely dictated by my Star Shine Ring, which is quite possible my favourite ring in my collection now! Just look at cute it is! It was the perfect companion along side this shirt, which I feel has nice festive vibes without being too OTT. 

The same applies for the Elegant Beauty Ring, which is such a classic piece. The mixture of sparkle along the band and the pearl makes it a really decadent piece, making it just the right amount of glamour in this androgynous look. You know how much I love to stack rings too, and these two together look incredible together. They are in keeping with the whole look with their classic styles, and compliment it perfectly without taking centre stage. Androgynous and minimal dressing is all about the details, not one piece overpowering the whole look, but creating something cohesive.


All images shot on film by Paul T James.