Winter Workwear Part IV

This one is all built around this incredible shirt. A shirt is a pretty obvious piece in a workwear wardrobe, but a statement one maybe less so. And I wanted to share a way to make it wearable, even if you are also a fan of a minimal look like I am. The colour palette is so important to this. The dark shade of this one makes it super wearable for me as I know it will work with my wardrobe easily, and the polka dot print is such a classic print too. This particular one can definitely be more on the casual side, as it doesn't have a collar which I always thinks makes things less smart. Worry not though, if you have a corporate dress code you can smarten this up with the rest of your look. As it's been SO BLOODY COLD I layered up with this look and popped a turtleneck underneath this shirt too. The collarless-ness of it lends itself to layering like this as it doesn't make it too fussy around the neckline. Just make sure to keep the sleeves of the knit rolled up to a 3/4 length when you take your jacket off - we are not going to for the early 2000s trend of short sleeves over long sleeves here.

The rest of the look consisted of a suit. I have said before that you don't need to wear a two piece - invest in a good black blazer and then the options are endless. Tailoring can make or break a workwear look, so investing in your blazer will elevate the whole outfit! God knows how many times I have worn this Jigsaw one, so it's a clear recommendation from me. I wanted to go for a different sillouhette to usual so went with some wide leg trousers (normal straight leg ones would work well too though!). This pair is from La Redoute and are such a great shape and length. However, the length does restrict shoe options. A classic court would be perfect if you can brave the cold ankles. I went for some boots, but the length is important here. I tried them on with some normal ankle boots (sitting right on the ankle) and it was a very unflattering combination and make my legs look super short. So a longer ankle boot is a must for this one, or even an over the knee boot would work. the trousers are wide enough for a pair to comfortably sit underneath, and it would be the warmest option!