We Made It!



Has January been the longest month on record? I have seen so many people saying it but it really did seem to last a lifetime. I hated December and January with a passion this year, so I for one am really glad to be past them both and with more and more days in London feeling more Spring-like it's lifting my mood more than I can say. (Ok, so truth be told I am writing this post from the Dominican Republic, which is obviously really lifting my mood too, but more on that next week). 

January is always a drag. I always feel like I burst into it with such good intentions and plans but really everyone is still winding back into the swing of things so those good intentions often get left behind and the whole thing becomes rather frustrating. So the fact it seemed to go on for six months really was a bloody shame. BUT we are out of it now, and just four short weeks away from it being Spring!  

While those Spring days do seem closer and closer, it's still been rather freezing so the Winter wardrobe is still in full swing. I have a new addition in mine, this faux fur coat from Urban Outfitters that I picked up last week, and have been getting a lot of compliments on. I did find out the hard way that I cannot wear this colour without having a decent amount of make up on (washes me out no end), so this has been reserved for the days I am actually making an effort with things. And when I do have some slap on the colour really is it's winning feature, brightening up my Winter looks a little - very much needed because did I mention January was miserable?? 

So here's to hoping that February will be a little brighter and happier, I am thinking with the help of some brightly coloured items it definitely will be.