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Sometimes nothing beats those French vibes. I have recently been massively inspired by both Jeanne Damas and Louise Follian (who both make me want to grow my hair), and have been checking their Insatgram's on the regular for some style inspiration. That effortless Parisian style will never fail to inspire me, and sometimes I just want to try and replicate it as much as possible. And what better to do that than with some Breton stripes and a red lip?! The denim mini is new in from Levi's and I am wearing it as much as possible while the weather permits as it's the best denim mini I have ever owned by a longgg wayyyy. The length (it is super short, but I am going for it), the wash, the detailing on the seam - it's ticking lots of boxes for me, hence me being determined to get a few wears out of this before the weather gets a little chillier. 

More photos that I am excited to share today too, we shot these wandering around Notting Hill (mostly down Portobello) last week. I am still loving to explore my area for locations before venturing out into the vast expanse of the rest of London - I am actually so overwhelmed by the prospect of all the spots you can shoot in! But while the long evenings still prevail nothing beats wandering out with a film camera and shooting an outfit in the evening light. It's fortunate for me that the most effortless content is always my favourite, and the ones that capture a certain feeling and moment.

In this moment I was actually starving and rapidly descending into a bad mood due to the hunger, so right after shooting this we headed to Flat Iron on Golbourne Road and OH MY GOD it's amazing and you have to go. It's the second meal I have had there, both have been incredible and it's so so reasonably priced. A little tangent there, but I just wanted to get that mention in there. 


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