Week on 35mm #9


Hey guys! Another Wednesday, so you know the drill now - here is my past week, all shot on film. And what a week it has been! I seriously broke to back of having a clear out at home, something that had been feeling like a weight on my shoulders more than I actually realised. I find so often that you only reason the negative affect something is having on you once it's gone away. Because I work from home my environment is so important, and anyone who watches my vlogs will know how much I had been going about needing to have a clear out. Now it's done I feel so much less stressed, and instantly more on top of things - probably because I am not loosing part of my day to constantly battling against excessive amounts of stuff! My work and home space now feel organised and relatively uncluttered - as does my mind, so I am kicking myself for not having got this sorted sooner! 

Other aspects of the week included welcoming my dream leather jacket into my life, continuing to wear lots of ankle boots for an upcoming video (Sunday to be precise!), and a brief trip down to London to GANT's offices. All part of some blog posts we are working on, which I am very excited about! I am also hosting an event with them in Leeds next week at the opening of Leeds Gate. Thursday 20th October, 7-9pm, please come along if you have free time, it would be so lovely to be able to meet some of you! 

Anyways, enough rambling now. All outfits are linked in the 'Shop My Looks' section of my blog, something I am actually doing a pretty job of remembering to update!