Holiday Outfits | Mix & Match Swimwear



Nothing leaves me feeling uninspired quite like swimwear. I have this one bikini that I have had for years, it's honestly a bit minging now and it comes away with me every year because it fits and it looks okay, which is all I ask for in a bikini. I think part of my problem is shopping for them. I don't want to go do it in store, buying a bikini in a shop at home then stepping out in the rain just feels weird. And online it tends to feel like an overwhelming task. This time for my bikini shopping attempt I headed to what is now one of my go-to online shopping destinations; Zalando. They have a very very handy swimwear page where you can shop by style, top/bottoms, matching sets.. the whole lot! I managed to find two that I loved that also worked well with a bit of mix and matching to, which is a massive win as it ticks of multiple bikini looks all at once. 

You guys saw the white Suboo one in my body confidence post (which fits me so so well), and now I am sharing this Tommy Hilfiger one - and the two together were a perfect mix and match duo. I also picked up this gorgeous cover up which was everything I need from a beach item; effortless, easy, and chic. 


Now I have finally found some joy in swimwear shopping, I feel way more enthusiastic about it all too. I LOVE the two I ordered. The white Suboo one is the perfect statement-yet-minimal piece. I love the ruffles, and it also makes me look like I have a bigger bum than I actually do.. RESULT! This little starry number is a more classic style, and is making me feel very tempted by star printed items in general. I have a feeling this will replace my old bikini as the one that comes away with me for years and years! 

 For sizing reference, I went for a medium in both bikinis, and they both fit me really really well! 

This post is sponsored by Zalando.