Copenhagen | On Film & iPhone


The second trip to Copenhagen this summer, this time for fashion week. It’s fast becoming my favourite European city as I seem to have more and more fun each time I am there. This time around I travelled with Lindsey and Brittany, we stayed in a pop up hotel on the water which was a converted shipping container, which after a moment of 'oh god no' when we pulled up outside of it, turned out to be gorgeous inside. It was amazing except the toilet wouldn’t flush and we managed to pull a door off it’s hinges but you can’t always have everything and that provided many a laugh. Let me tell you that the combination of a non-flushing toilet and a doorless shower room makes you feel even closer to your mates than you did before. 

Aside from laughs inside the shipping container, we saw some amazing shows. Malene Birger, Stine Goya, Baum und Pfertgarden, Holzweiler - they were all so good and as always Copenhagen is my favourite fashion week for inspiration. It’s also always the friendliest - everyone stops for a chat and just seems to have more time to catch up than when you see people at the major four fashion weeks. To say the fashion industry has a reputation for being a little spikey, spending time at CPFW totally counteracts that stereotype. As if the city isn’t inspiring enough itself, the people we were there with gave me the kick up the arse with content creation and ideas that I feel like I have been needing. 

Aside from all the fashion week things, we also did THE MOST essential thing to do in Copenhagen - went to Tivoli. Linds and I went for the first time last August and it’s been high on my list of places to revisit ever since. A theme park in the middle of the city that is just beautiful!!! Honestly it’s the most fun ever. The three of us filled up on pick n’ mix then went on enough rides to make us think we would be sick. I’ve said so many times how amazing it is to travel with my work, but you can get jaded by it sometimes too, so doing little things like a theme park trip that are just so much fun brings everything back down to earth. From there we went to Pate Pate, one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen (in my humble and not-so experienced opinion) and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the city.

All in all it was such an amazing trip again, and I hope to find myself in Copenhagen again very soon... just not in the winter because I’ve never experienced cold quite like it. It’s the best fashion week to attend and if any of you reading this are starting blogs and want to attend a fashion week please consider Copenhagen over all the others - I promise it’s the most fun, and any excuse to visit this incredible city is a good idea!! 

And a final note on shooting this post. After the amazing response to the post I wrote about shooting blog posts on iPhone, I thought I would put it to use on some travel content too. It’s always in your bag so to capture as much as possible on the go seems best done on your iPhone. I edited the images in VSCO, and also shot through a role of film which I scanned. There are some maps and postcards scanned onto the images too - I went mega subtle with the maps especially so I hope you can spot it. Loving experimenting more and more with scanning and how obvious or subtle you can make a collage. Anyways! Hope you enjoy - feeling like gone are the days when you have to lug a big DSLR around a trip/fashion week when my current favourite content is what I am shooting on a film camera and a phone!

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