Outfits In Berlin


As many of you may know, I spent last week in Berlin with the wonderful Zalando and blogging babe Lindsey. We had three nights in that incredible city, where we shopped, ate, visited Christmas markets, drank, and of course shot lots of outfits. I really do love Berlin, and it's quite possibly one of my favourite cities to shoot in. It's rather grey and quite grungy, so of course I love it for a location! Of course, I love it for far more than just shooting images, and you can read all about that here

It was rather chilly while we were there, and here I have two outfits to share that reflect that. This faux fur coat will already be quite recognisable to you if you have been watching my Vlogmas as I have been wearing it pretty much daily. It's literally the warmest thing ever and manages to look incredible with every outfit. I think the longer length does a lot to help it looks good, as it balances out the bulkiness faux fur coats often have. Same applies for this Acne knit (which I don't actually think is worth the money, more on that here) but is a great alternative to a coat. I wore a knit underneath so I was toasty warm and went coat free for the day! My ASOS boots were also the star of the trip, these are so sooo comfy and perfect for walking around in all day long. Finally, my already beloved Fendi bag, this is already up there as one of my favourite bags ever, I love it so bloody much! It fits in everything I need, and I love that I can just sling it on over cross body and it still looks so fab. 

So, two casual outfits that I loved wearing and felt amazing in and also rather practical, which in turn is making me feel rather grown up indeed...

Without a doubt one of the highlights of my job is being able to travel and create content while I am there. A new location is alway so inspiring, along with working alongside amazing bloggers like Lindsey. We share a similar aesthetic (shopping with her was the best ever, literally us both walking up to the same item going YEESSSS) meaning shooting together was such a pleasure. Not only did I get to spend time with someone rather fabulous, but also to go and visit Zalando. Zalando has become a huge part of my blog and career, we have worked together for over a year now and they have been so incredible supportive of everything I do; two trips to Berlin, two festivals, two YouTube videos and many many blog posts later, Zalando never fail to let me explore new ideas with their support. So, I wanted to say a huge thank you to them, also for stocking the most incredible items so my wish list never ends (currently it stands at 42 items). 


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