Fancy Sleeves


So just last week I went into & Other Stories (fast becoming my favourite high street store after continuously performing so well Testing Basics so many times), I tried on a few things and literally spent about 20 mins in the changing rooms taking mirror selfies of every. single. item. like some sort of major diva. So I left with a camera roll of photos that are almost identical but also oh so different, but I also left with a few new tops. The first of which was my fancy new jumper I wore in my latest video, and second was this incredible shirt. They're selling out online pretty fast, but they had loads in store so if you have an & Other Stories near you do try in there. 

It's one heck of a shirt, and it's clearly all about the sleeves. It makes it such an amazing layering piece because it's simple enough to throw under your favourite jacket, and exciting enough to spice up the most basic of outfits. I have been dressing for Spring as much as one can when in reality it's snowing... so pieces like this one really help to lift my looks a little. From the pastel colour, to the overall fun feeling of the shirt, it has me feeling like Spring as sprung (when in reality it feels like it never ever will). 

I wore my new fancy shirt with a few other fancy things; my Raey jeans, I have worn these endlessly since I got them. And so far my opinion of them is still the same; they're and incredible pair of jeans, and absolutely worth every single penny. I have been reaching for them over every other pair I own, hence them making a pretty regular appearance on here. 

Secondly, we have my beloved Vans Old Skool! I have had the blue/black pair for agesss and have worn them so much, so I finally bit the bullet and went for the black and white pair too. They're some of the best trainers I have ever owned and they go with everything! 

And finally, my Acne leather jacket. I think most of you will know by now that I am mid way through filming my leather jacket Testing Basics. I have been trying to keep some of them off social media so there is a little bit of a surprise, but this Acne one has well and truly slipped through the gaps. Without saying too much, it's proving to be a great styling piece - meaning I have been reaching for this when shooting outfits. But let's leave it there for now, just two more weeks until this video is ready... it's definitely one I am very excited to share! 

Anyways.. I hope you like this look and all have a lovely Monday, I am like a whirlwind this week before London Fashion Week on Friday... so lets GO GO GOOOO! 


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