Escapism Of A Festival

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Last weekend I went to Wilderness Festival with Veuve Cliqout for the first time ever. It's a festival I have heard so much about so I was so excited to go for the first time, and obvs buzzing that I got to take Lindsey too. It was seriously as good as everyone said it is and I will 100% be getting tickets to go next year!! Huge thank you to the Veuve for having us both and looking after us - after my last camping experience of Leeds fast when I was 18, I can definitely say that the teepee camping at Wilderness is much more agreeable!! 

So while I leave you with all the film photos I shot over the weekend, I thought I would talk a little about the escapism of festivals in general and why they are just so much fun. While I am not someone who loves camping, I must say that there is something a ted pleasant about having your basic amenities taken away - especially a phone charger which forced me to take my phone out of my had a little more! But even festivals where you don't camp, there is just something about them and the light hearted atmosphere. It's a place where everyone goes for a weekend of fun, to listen to music, have late nights, probably drink too much and eat a lot of carbs. I totally understand why you might want to go to a festival instead of going on holiday, because it forces you to switch off even more. The balance between being relaxing and also busy so your mind doesn't wander back to work things, and the general lack of plug sockets meaning my laptop doesn't come in my bag with me. We had so much fun at Wilderness I can't tell you - we laughed and laughed, drank wayyy to much, danced loads, had naps in the sunshine in the grass - it was such an amazing time to forget about things and made me realise how much I need to make sure at least one festival is a feature of my Summer. As I said I will definitely look to get tickets for Wilderness next year, and while we didn't properly camp (dare I say that last Leeds Fest experience has put me off for life, anyone who at attended Leeds Fest will know it's in a league of it's own really), I found the whole posh-camping experience wayyyy more enjoyable than I imagined and actually slept a solid five hours each night - when when you're in a field converts to 12 hours in normal circumstances. 

So huge thank you to Veuve once again for taking me and allowing me to have such an amazing weekend. it's really been feeling like we are in the last few moments of Summer and this weekend was the perfect end to it all!