Girls LIke These


So as I mentioned, I got to spend two nights in Paris last week with Jigsaw and Hoxton Hotels. I have already raved about Jigsaw in yesterday's post, and my praise for the Hoxton is coming your way tomorrow. F`or today's post I wanted to talk about the amazing girls I got to go on that trip with. There were six of us in total, me, Lindsey, Alice, Kim, Katherine and Liv. And while gorgeous hotels, clothes, and a city as beautiful as Paris all make for a good time, nothing compares to spending time in good company. 

And when I say ‘good company’, I really do mean it. Just as little overview of each of these girls.. We have Alice who works full time for the Hoxton, runs a blog while also running around all over the shop. And I mean that literally, she fits in a 10k run most mornings, ran the London Marathon, and is hands down the fittest person I know. Liv has a little known blog called What Olivia Did… which of course you will all of heard of. She constantly reminds me of how amazing blogging is. I would hands down say she is one of the most talented and consistent bloggers out there - you will not find a post on her blog that hasn’t been planned and thought over, with gorgeous photos and typo-free copy. She is a force to be reckoned with in the blogging world! Katherine is like a fountain of wisdom. I leave at least 10% more wise every time I see her, which is quite often, so I now consider myself quite wise. Her website, Work Work Work, is home to some incredible articles. She is an amazing writer, and has taught me so much about the power of sharing knowledge and career advice whenever she can. She is also PREGNANT which is the most exciting thing in the world, so she now mostly gets a 100000 questions off us all - we all seriously had one of the most insightful sex education lessons off Katherine while we were in Paris, I left 25% more wise that time around. 




Kim is one of the girls you can meet twice and feel like you’ve known her forever. She does things like, you know, have a full time job and run a wonderful blog. I am always amazed at people who do both, especially to such a high consistency as Kim (I am saying this as someone who has worked with her, and as a reader of her blog, so I am very qualified to make this statement). Her posts are always amazing, with incredible photos and not to mention outfits I always want to recreate. And last but not least, we have Lindsey. You will all know Lindsey by now as we have (unfortunately for her) become somewhat attached at the hip. I don’t think I have ever met someone so thoughtful and generous, and she has been a rock for me this summer. When I was navigating all these life changes, there was not a single day I didn’t get a message from Lindsey checking how I was. She has also been with me for the biggest highs over the summer, I don’t think I have laughed as much with anyone as I have Linds. And as for her work stuff, I will keep it brief - she is one of the most stylish women I know, documents it in an incredible blog, is a physiotherapist, and is also a full time could-be-Scandinavian beauty which in itself is an achievement we all dream of. Well done, Linds. 



As you might be able to tell form that gushing, I have always been a real girls girl. I love female company, and I crave it so much whenever I have spent too much time surrounded by men. I love girls nights in, girly trips, just any time spent with good female company is a great thing in my books. Perhaps one of the things I love the most about blogging is the fact it's such a female led industry. Out of all the amazing things this job has brought me, the people I have met and get to call friends are by far the best bit. I am endlessly inspired and motivated by the women I spend time with, and these few days in Paris completely reminded me of that, and spurred me on to write this post and leave behind 'me me me' for a little while (back to me soon though). 



It's so lucky to say I am surrounded by a group of girls (and these aren't just work friends I am talking about), who are so supportive of one another. We all know the importance of building up one another, but when you find yourself in a group where that doesn't even have to be conscious decision, then you've hit the jackpot. I cannot tell you how motivated I feel after having spent time with amazing women. Through all the amazing things I am able to do with my life, nothing gives me a buzz like good company. We all know the feeling at the end of the night when you have laughed and felt loved, it's a warmth and happiness that nothing, especually nothing material, can ever ever recreate. 



I spent much of the trip creepily stalking the girls and taking photos of them all, and I love them all so much - so many fond memories here, and genuinely candid moments caught on camera. Hope you love them too, and all these ladies have blogs of their own so you can so stalk them even further if you fancy it... which I suggest you do. 

I hope this post makes you all feel inspired by the women around you too, and a reminder of the power of building other people up (female or male). I know how much these girls, and my other friends, do that for me - so see this post as a little bit of giving back!