My Week on 35mm #13


Incase you missed me mentioning it in almost every single blog post last week; it was my Birthday!! Spent half in Manchester, half in London, the week was filled with mint tea (my latest obsession!!!) Christmas punch at the markets and a velvet bomber jacket I have fallen in love with. After my birthday I always go into Christmas mode, so Harry and I headed to the Manchester Christmas Markets at the first opportunity. I essentially consumed my body weight in sugar through crepes, Christmas Rum Punch and then mince pies... completely worth it though! 

Aside from that we spend the weekend mostly chilling at home which was so so lovely. Our flat is like a convention for Christmas candles at the moment so is smelling completely divine! I also picked up some new homeware bits which you can see in the vlog. But the flat is feeling super cosy and wonderful at the moment!  

Also, you may notice the shelf photo - I finally got that filled with bits! Thank you so much for all the comments in the weekly vlog about what to fill it with. We went with your advice of glass jars (to be filled ASAP) and succulents (likely to be killed), I bloody love how it looks so thank you so so much! 

FINALLY! If you don't follow me on Insta or Snapchat ("lizzyhadfield") then you may not know that I am currently in Bangkok!!!! More on that follow next week... but omgomgomg it's amazing!!! 

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