Lessons From My Mum; Part I

This post is sponsored by PANDORA.

Well hellooo from me and Mum today! I dragged her in to shoot a couple of blog posts, the first I am sharing now, and the second I will be sharing next week. I think these two posts may be amongst my favourite that I have ever, ever worked on. They’re two very personal posts, one written by Mum and another by me, which is also why I am so proud that they are in collaboration with PANDORA. It needs no introduction from me now, but I love PANDORA; their jewellery, and their ethics as a brand. Sharing these stories alongside their new collection could not be a better pairing; especially the incredible ‘You Are So Loved’ Moments Bangle. I think that may be the best potential Mother’s Day gift ever?! I cannot tell you all how proud I feel to be sharing this post; to be able to work alongside my Mum with a brand as amazing as PANDORA, this is a very special moment for me!

Many of you know just how close my Mum and I are. She is a huge influence in my life, just as her Mum was to her. So over these two posts we are going to be sharing two stories. First, my Mum is going to share the things her Mum taught her, from homemaking to career chasing. Following that, I will share the things my Mum has taught me so far in life. It’s been amazing to reflect on these things, and I loved reading what Mum has written about her Mum below. Plus, shooting this was the perfect excuse for a girly day! It was all squeals when we opened up the jewellery and we have been fighting over the Luminous Droplet Ring since. I know my Mum is great and all and it’s Mother’s Day but she is not having that ring.…it’s mine, I kindly let her borrow it here, but don’t get carried away Mum, I am not letting that out of my sight for long!

So, without further ado, here are the lessons my Grandma passed down to my Mum.



I got quite emotional when Lizzy asked me to write about my Mum. It’s not that I don't think about her or consider the lessons she taught me, but as I am now in my sixties and she has been long gone, having passed away when I was in my thirties, I don't reflect on it every day. Sadly she is not someone that Lizzy even met as she passed away the year that Lizzy was born, but whether she realises it or not she has inherited a lot from her.

My mum. She was mum too, not mother or anything so formal unless my two sisters and I were exasperated by her. She was a stay at home mum - so was always there and probably somewhat taken for granted because of that. She, and my dad, instilled an attitude of can do and never put pressure on me or my sisters to be anything other than that what we wanted. Even when I failed my 11 plus, which was quite a big deal, there was never a feeling that you had failed or disappointed them. I hope this is something that I have learnt to pass onto Lizzy - be the best you can be but don't feel you have to be something or someone you are not. Both my parents were always there for me and provided a solid loving base which gave me the security and confidence to venture into setting up my own business in my late twenties. I never questioned their love and devotion to me or my sisters and as an adult I truly appreciate the importance of this.

Things she didn't teach me, but should have! My mum made the best pastry of anyone EVER and for some reason her three daughters never ever learnt how to master this. I have no idea why and can’t remember even having asked her to teach us. It sounds revolting, but she made the most amazing luncheon meat pie (I know, gross, but it wasn’t) and I would so love to be able to make it now. She was also brilliant at knitting and made loads of cardigans and jumpers for us. Now this is something she tried to teach me but I am just too clumsy to get it right. I even let go of the needles as I knit, which I am reliably informed plays havoc with the tension.

She did teach me how to be a good homemaker and I know this is something that Lizzy is good at too. She taught me to take pride in what I am doing - no matter what that might be - cooking, cleaning or working. But most of all, she taught me how to love and nurture. Surely the most important lesson of all.

Another incredibly inspirational person in my life was my mother-in-law Marie. She was a big part of Lizzy's life growing up and the most amazing Grandma. Always on hand, always laughing with the most infectious laugh ever and never ever interfering. I was the envy of all my friends and can't count the number of times they said "I love your mother-in-law, you are so lucky".  And they were right.  

Thank you Mum. I love you. xx