The Remaining Q&A

Let me prepare you... today's post is HUGE! A couple of weeks ago I filmed a Q&A for my YouTube channel, but didn't manage to get through the questions you guys asked me. There were so many thoughtful and interesting questions that I wanted to answer the rest in a blog post! If you haven't seen the video you can watch it here too. Alongside that, these are my final three outfits from Madrid. I was planning on posting these individually but I have some really exciting posts I want to get out next week instead, so I am sharing them all at once! I am already missing the sunshine in these photos so so much. Links for these looks at the bottom of the post, but in the meantime get comfortable as this is a longgggg one... 

If you could invest in one kind of clothing or accessory, what would it be? 

An amazing longline blazer, and a black leather designer handbag. A longline blazer is one of my biggest wardrobe essentials, and I believe that once I have found the one I will never ever need to look for another. I have a few in my collection but am yet to find the dream one - I am always on the look out! And while I am a shoe girl more than a bag one, I feel a designer bag elevates a look more than shoes. So long as it isn't covered in too much branding. 

Favourite thing about living in Manchester?

That everything is in walking distance. I walk everywhere! If we go out for dinner or on an night out, we walk there. If I need to go to the shops, I walk there. It's super handy but also means I am constantly walking around 10,000 steps a day with little effort required! 

What is your favourite bag in your wardrobe? 

Loewe Puzzle! I think it's the only one I would repurchase in another colour/fabric. I wear it more than any of the others, and it is so durable. 

What blogs inspire you most?

I have a few! The first one that always springs to mind is Fashion Me Now, by Lucy Williams. Not only do I love her style, but the content she produces is so consistent and always true to her. The way she works on sponsored posts is also an inspiration to me, I have never read a sponsored post from her that isn't perfectly on brand. The same applies for Liv Purvis, whose blog is of a mind bogglingly high quality! 

Two other favourites are Z Hours, and  The Petit Coat. Z Hours is a relatively recent find of mine, but her content has a certain aesthetic that I can't get enough of! The Petit Coat is incredibly effortless with her content, and I love her compilation of images that she shares. 

Would you ever consider moving to London? 

Yes I would. Reluctantly. It's not something I want to do, whenever I am there I am glad to get on a train back up North. However I am aware that one day my career might take me down there, and I may have to let that happen... while keeping it at the shortest stint possible. But for now it's definitely not on the cards, I love the North. 

How do you define your personal style and what tips would you give to people to do the same? 

Mostly by trusting your instincts with what you like! Having personal style doesn't mean sticking to a strict regime of what you wear, experimenting a little is the best way of working out what does and doesn't work for you. I often find myself really liking something that isn't particularly 'me', and so long as it doesn't come with an extortionate price tag, there is no harm in my giving that a go. Sometimes it's a flop and I never wear it again, other times I find something new that expands my personal style a little. So experimenting a little from time to time is key, if you find yourself liking something you don't consider your style then give it a go! 

What direction to you see your style going in? Who's your style icon? 

I don't really have one style icon, the bloggers mentioned earlier and many, many others inspire me daily. In terms of my own style, I find myself feeling increasingly comfortable with colour (right now I am staring at a bright pink skirt that arrived today). Going to the gym and feeling more body confident has been the most recent change for me. I have always loved oversized fitting clothes, and still do, but I am more comfortable in tighter fitting pieces now. I am going to write a huge post about it soon as I have a lot of thoughts on it all! 

What filters/apps do you use to give your feed a consistent aesthetic? 

I use Afterlight to edit my Instagram photos, where I play with the brightness and contrast - no filters added. Photoshop for the images on here, again I adjust the levels and the colour balance, sometimes add a filter. My film photos are completely unedited. I think the content of the images develops an aesthetic more than the filter you use on it. It's simple for me as I solely post images of myself on Instagram, so the aesthetic and 'theme' becomes me and my outfits. I don't plan my grid at all, or worry about what photos go next to each other (although I have in the past). I always feel that if you post what you like, your own taste and aesthetic will come through anyway. 


What are some of your favourite books? 

All The Lights We Cannot See by Anthony Doer, We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and all the Harry Potter books. 

3 bands/artists that define your music taste? 

Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Beyoncé. Bob Dylan is the only artist I could listen to all day long and not get tired of! 

Has blogging/vlogging ever made you feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest fashion? How do you find your style and evolve but not get consumed by all the trends? 

YES! It has! There is so much content in the blogging world it can all be so overwhelming. For the most part this is a good thing, as there is a wealth of inspiration out there. But sometimes it can also be distracting. I often worry that I am not good enough at keeping up with trends, that I fall into ruts of wearing the same things and that there is a need to buy luxury pieces at a faster rate than I normally do in order to maintain people's interest. Thankfully you are all very vocal with what you like about my blog, which reminds me not to worry about these things. We all wear the same combinations most days, and we all want to see that high end piece styled up a million ways for it to feel worthwhile. In terms of evolving in relation to the overwhelming content, I always try and question what I like about something. Whether it be an image that's inspiring me, or a certain item I am tempted to buy. Do I want to buy it because it will work well in my own wardrobe, or because I feel some sort of bizarre pressure to 'keep up' with things and that the piece in question will make it easier? If the latter is true, I won't get it.