Night Out

A few weeks ago I went out. It's worthy of sharing on here because it doesn't happen too often, I am much more of a dinner and a couple of drinks kinda gal. But it was Lindsey's 30th b'day and she had a wonderful party which of course I went too (she also got hilariously drunk and I filmed the whole thing like a true friend does, you can see it in this vlog here). Linds had the most insane outfit from Isabel Marant that we tracked down when we went to LA in May, see photo evidence of this here.. believe it's worth seeing, she looked insane!!!! 

For my own outfit I didn't fancy wearing a dress, or buying something I was only going to wear once (I know I am a broken record with that one, but it's how I always feel), so I opted for a trousers and top combination. Both are Topshop, and I impulse bought them the week before. The trousers I love especially, and I am actually wearing them right now as I write this with a denim jacket and t-shirt, already proving they were a good buy and wearable beyond a night out. The top is completely see through, as you may have noticed. Online they style it with a little slip underneath but I thought 'why the heck not' and decided to just go for it and wear a nice bra. I actually never feel to exposed in see through tops like this, I think it's the combination of the high neck and the long sleeves that counteracts the fact you are essentially just wearing mesh. Even if it does have polka dots on it. Finished off with some Saint Laurent heels which are now my go-to for any evening out or smart event because they go with everything and are super easy to walk in for a long time. 

All in all I was very happy with my night out look, and while the mesh top will be harder to re-wear the trousers have definitely already proven to be a great purchase. Also, how cool are these photos? Paul shot them for me on my little Leica Minilux and I am so so pleased with them - that camera is proving to be a seriously good purchase.