Comfort Zone

This post is sponsored by Nike and RewardStyle. 

Styling trainers is something I have mentioned before on here, mostly saying how hard I find it but how good other people make them look. There is always such a fine line between effortless cool, and looking like they're your commuting shoes and you're going to pop some heels on when you get to the office. Going to the gym regularly really ignited my desire to wear trainers on a more day to day basis too, mostly because they are so damn comfy. Countless times I have been to the gym, got home and changed and popped the comfy trainers back on while I get things done. And while that was always the comfy option, it was never the most stylish. 

So today I am having a stab at styling trainers again. This time the Jewell trainers from Nike which the newest style in the AirMax collection and are SO comfortable I am determined to make these work!!! I like the fact they're sort of in between a sporty looking gym trainers, and something more luxe. They're suede with a big squishy heel that makes it feel like walking on air (hence the name AirMax, I am with you on that one Nike) and have that awkward ugly look that I always gravitate towards.. you guys know by now that when I describe something as 'awkward ugly' it is always a compliment. 

In terms of styling, here is my thinking with this look. The jeans with the frayed hem are always good option when you want to draw some attention to your shoes, and I love the length of these ones too. After some extensive Pinterest searching with 'help trainers don't look good on me' in the search bar, my favourite looks were the ones that didn't make sense with trainers at all. Not a simple jeans, a t-shirt, leather jacket combo - but something that looked like it should be worn with a different style of shoe. It really built on that ugly awkwardness you know I always love. SO I went with some Summer layering - a skinny body and oversized shirt tied over the top. This is a combination I also plan to wear on holiday next week, and is a great way to add some layers into an outfit if you are missing your Winter layering like I am. 

Overall I loved the outfit, and I am going to add these photos to Pinterest right now in the hope that if you need to search 'help trainers don't look good on me' that these images will show up as guiding hand! 


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