Just Chilling

Took some film photos at home last week before my table and chairs arrived, I feel like I made the most of the space available while my flat was almost like a studio space as it was so empty. I know I am endlessly going on about it, but to have a space I can shoot content in like this is a dream come true. It's kinda nice to sit about at home and get a blog post out of it too. Sitting at home is something I am trying to do as much as possible. London is insanely social, and between work, seeing friends and travelling I haven't had many chances to sit back and enjoy being in my new place just yet. I haven't really had much time to sit and stop at all, which for the most part I am grateful for. I am loving the hectic pace of it all, I thrive of business and a relative amount of stress so it's all fine and dandy with me. Unfortunately I wake up at 5:55am DAILY for some unknown reason which is driving me insane, but other than that I have no complaints. 

You may have noticed I have been working with a few different photographers over the past few weeks. When I was in Manchester my Mum used to take my photos for me, and while she will still continue to do so, I can't guarantee I will see her every week to shoot. So I have been on the hunt for someone new, and working with new people is so much fun and so rewarding. These ones were shot by Dean, who I worked with earlier this year on my shoot for Stylist magazine. I can't wait to share everything we shot as they're all incredible and I am so happy with them. To work with different people has me feeling so inspired too, I am literally full of ideas and booking in days to shoot left right and centre so I can get everything in my head out to you guys. There is nothing worse than the unmotivated patches I sometimes find myself in, so I am always so grateful when I have a spree of feeling endlessly motivated and creative. 


Something I have been trying to do more with my videos, and want to achieve more with my photos too, is documenting a certain feeling. Nothing too posed or contrived, but just how things were in that moment. Film photography always helps to get that vibe accross, and I think these photos really do that. I feel relaxed in my new space. When I walk in through the front door it always feel calm, and like it's my own little sanctuary that really is completely my own. I want it to reflect me and the work I want to create. In these photos I was feeling chilled, excited to be working with someone new and happy to be working on 35mm as always.

One of the biggest moments of last week was the arrival of my table and chairs. Now I know that might sound a little nuts, but it's made the biggest difference! Working from the sofa or floor was killing me (and my back!) and my productivity was getting worst and worst by the day. Right now I am writing this from my lovely new table and feeling so smug about it. Obviously I have lots of photos to share soon, and will continue to update you all as new things arrive. I have put myself on a strict 'one thing at a time' rule. I am currently waiting for a mirror for the mantelpiece, and until that arrives I am not letting myself look at buying anything else. I am hoping it will force me into making thoughtful decisions rather than rushing into everything. And each time I get a new piece it seems to change the space massively, so this one-by-one method seems very sensible indeed. Will let you all know once the mirror arrives too!



Photos by Dean Martindale