The Things I Don't Like

You all know jeans a knit/t-shirt are my daily threads. I would gladly just wear that day in, day out, as its when I feel the most comfortable and confident. Sometimes dressing for other occasions, such as this festive season, can be a bit of a challenge to me - albeit a very very welcome one. Whenever it comes time to step a little out my comfort zone I dress according to what I do and don't like about myself. We all have body hang ups, and understanding those is a great way to learn to dress in a way that really makes the most of the bits we do love. It definitely takes a little trial and error, and some of the outfits I went for in my teens are a testament to that! So here is the run down of what I don't like so much about me: 

My knobbly knees

Ohhh these are some seriously knobbly knees. Unfortunately, they are attached to one thing I do like about myself; my long legs! Most of my height comes from my legs, and I really like that when it comes to dressing - especially for someone who loves trousers so much, it means I can experiment with lots of different styles. However, the knobbly knees have to get involved and ruin it all. That is why most of my outfits involve trousers, and the knees only really come out in hot climates (although they will be making an appearance next week, brace yourself). So, I wanted something that covered the old knees, but still special and dressy.. welcome this gorgeous & Other Stories skirt which is ticking all the boxes for me! The perfect length to hide the knees, but still flattering on longer legs. I definitely need more skirts like this in my wardrobe now! 

My little tum

So without me having said it you may not have noticed that in all these images I have my hands placed just over my tummy. I have always been the kind of person to not really gain weight (I know, one of those annoying people), but whenever I do it always goes straight to my tummy. Most of the time it doesn't bother me too much as my penchant for oversized knitwear covers it nicely - but sometimes when I feel like going for a skinnier fitting item I suddenly feel very aware of the fact I have been eating a mince pie since the beginning of November. Agin, this is where this skirt was doing me a world of wonders. Firstly, as it's black at the top, it's the most slimming colour you can go for. And the slight A-line sillouhette also gives me figure a nice balance, and distracts from any lurking food baby. 

My torso

This is a funny one for sure... but the downside of the long legs thing is that I am left with NO BODY. I mean, it's insanely short. I am essentially like Mr Tickle (my arms are a bit too long too), just a lot of limbs and not much body. It's part of the reason why I like high necked tops so much, anything to make the body look a little bit longer is a flattering choice for me - things like a v-neck t-shirt tucked into high waisted jeans looks a little odd on me. It's also why I like to go for simple tops, and pieces like my black turtlenecks get so much in my wardrobe, keeping the torso attention to a minimum! 

SKIRT: & OTHER STORIES (not online at the moment, will keep an eye and update asap!)  | BOOTS: JIL SANDER | KNIT: T BY ALEXANDER WANG