The White Denim Edit; Part I

One thing I am seriously inspired by at the moment is white denim. It's the perfect piece to bring you into Spring, without changing much else about your outfits. It can, however, be a tricky one to style. It's notoriously unflattering, and I steer completely clear of any super skinny styles. I would also say 'white denim' doesn't have to be 'white denim', lets bring cream and ivory shades into that mix too, and things instantly become way more flattering. I have recently acquired three styles of white jeans I really love, and I thought I would share them all with you, and hopefully some styling inspo along the way too. 

The first pair we have here are from one of my current favourite denim brands... GRLFRND. This is now my fourth pair of jeans from the brand (I have the Natalia, Karolina and the Helena), and are equally as amazing. If you aren't feeling the white denim thaaang then these are also available in the usual denim washes. As a quick rundown on GRLFRND; they fit true to size in all the styles I have tried, they wash really well, and I am yet to find any issue with the quality at all. They're fabulous! 

So the first look with white jeans I have to share is perhaps the most boring, but I love it. White jeans are a strong piece in a transitional wardrobe as we move into the warmer months - but as it is still freezing most days, we are all still stuck in our knits and boots. But armed with a light colour palette, you can make a knit and jeans combo feel way more exciting, and Spring like. My beloved La Redoute chunky knit just tucked at the front of these jeans feels wayyy more refreshing than it would if they were my usual blue wash. The raw hem of these jeans calls for some incredible shoes to show it off; welcome my new Dear Frances Spirit boots. They have already graced my YouTube channel, made lots of Instagram appearances, and a sneaky debut on the blog on Tuesday... but let this be their formal introduction. THEY ARE AMAZING, THOSE ARE REAL FLOWERS PRESSED IN THE HEELS, AND THE SOFTEST SUEDE YOU CAN IMAGINE. And yes, I was shouting that sentance in my head. 

All in all, while this outfit may not be the most exciting you have seen, I think it's wearable.. and good to wear now and feel a little refreshed about things. The jeans are incredible, the perfect almost-skinny-but-not-quite that I must also show you with a tighter top at some point too. As a final note, I cannot get through this post without mentioning the photos. All of these white denim posts will be coming to you on film, shot by Paul, who I hope to work with even more this year. Every post we work on I love so much, and this one along with the ones I will be sharing over the next week are no exception! Thank you Paul for these snaps, and also for being honest with me and letting me know that this knit made me look a bit pregnant from the side when tucked in at the front. Much appreciated. 


Photography by Paul T James