I just have to start this post by letting you know that I am writing this in the middle of a very passive aggressive battle with the man opposite on me on the train. He has an obnoxiously large computer that really should just live on a desktop and he has placed it RIGHT IN THE BLOODY MIDDLE of the table. I currently have mine balanced on the edge of the table while agressively typing and sighing a lot, and am slowly trying to push his laptop further away. However the damn thing is so bloody heavy it will not budge. I cannot possibly just ask him to be a bit more considerate and move is giant computer closer to him so I will just continue writing this while doing lots of eye rolls in his general direction. I also just ‘accidentally’ kicked him (gently…ish). He is still un-phased. 

Anyway, annoying-train-man aside, I am typing up this post on a Sunday afternoon on my way down to London, looking at these photos and thinking they may just be some of the best Paul has ever taken of me. I love every single one. This post could easily have been 20 images long, but I have refrained and done my best to not include every single photo we took. I also love this outfit a lot. These incredible jeans are pretty old now, and they had been hiding under another pair of flares on a hanger so I had completely forgotten about them until quite recently. I love the fit of them so much, and since I have completely failed at my bid to wear less denim, the least I can do is try a different style. These with my Maje leather jacket was the perfect combo. This one was the winner in my leather biker testing basics, and so many of you guys loved it too. The fit is incredible, and the leather even more amazing - I think these photos do a good job of showing just how luxurious the leather is. All in all, it’s completely marvellous! 

UPDATE: THE MAN HAS PUT THE LAPTOP AWAY! I just made a big fuss of stretching out and making the most of this new found freedom. He is not noticing any of this at all. 

As a final note, after sharing my very pressing fringe woes yesterday, a fair few of you commented saying to keep the fringe and you love the fringe!! Will be reconsidering my stance on fringe over the next week. I know you will be all loosing sleep over this vital issue in the meantime, so I promise to come back with my verdict soon.

P.S - you all know I am joking around when I write like this don't you?! 

TROUSERS: UTERQUE (old, these are the most similar I could find) | KNIT: COS | LEATHER JACKET: MAJE | BOOTS: c/o RUSSEL AND BROMLEY 

Photos by Paul T James