Occasion Wear - The Crop Top

This post is sponsored by ASOS and RewardStyle. 

Oh heyyy me wearing a crop top! This is not something I thought I would see happening anytime soon, and takes me back to feeling like I am 17/18 again. Sharing different occasion wear ideas has really forced me to think outside the box a little. Not just dresses or suits, but other ways to feel amazing, and completely different to usual too. After all dressing for something fancaaay is all about feeling fancier than normal! Of course it helps that this crop top happens to be the most amazing one I have ever seen. The colour, the velvet, the off the shoulder wrappy around here and there-ness and twisty bits (I think ASOS should consider changing the product description to that because I just nailed it). 

The key was to depart from how my 17 year old self would have worn a crop top so not to give me too many flashbacks of those nights out. And these incredible trousers are just the ticket. The paper bag waist does two things here; stops the outfit feeling too tight fitting, and makes your tummy look flatter. WIN, WIN! These are also an amazingly awkward length which I think moves a crop top styling more into a 'cool' realm and away from 'I am 17 going clubbing'. They are also a great piece to wear day to day too which I plan to do while I am here in LA so keep your eyes peeled for that too, you know I am all about those versatile pieces you can re wear after an event. 

I can't tell you how good I felt in this outfit. It was the right amount of a statement, stepping away from my comfort zone the perfect amount while still feeling confident in something different. The right amount of sexiness with the crop top, which doesn't actually reveal too much when paired with some high waisted trousers. And just the right amount of awkwardness thanks to the trousers, which makes the look all the more interesting. The slightly too short length (which also looks amazing with flats, more on that to come soon), but look especially amazing with some heels that you really want to show off - like these insane mules which are a great option if you love super high heels but don't want to be crippled.

Sizing wise if you have big boobs then go one size up from usual in the crop top as it has no stretch in it (I am in a UK size 10 here), and the trousers go for your normal size and they have lots of stretch. The shoes fit true to size too! Shop more of ASOS' occasion wear here


Big thank you to Lindsey for these incredible photos too, shot in LA yesterday!