iPhone Shots



The other day I spent the day snapping a few photos on my iPhone for this Instagram post, and it really got me inspired. I remember when blogging went through a stage of being so polished and editorial, and it seems to have taken a step back from that now. Aspects such as shooting on film brought a rawness back to things for me, but what is better than actually sharing your day/life through the one thing we are never without; out phones. It sort of brings in the element of a challenge too with thinking about what could make a good photo from your surroundings. I really love this post and these photos, I edited them a little in VSCO but love how instant it all feels (sort of like going back to the roots of Instagram). I think the more variation of photography on a blog the better; some digital with that blurred background we all once chased to intensely, the grain of a film that is now inescapable (weather via 35mm or an app), and the certain flatness of a iPhone photo. 

With all the photo editing apps at the moment you can do so much. My limited photo editing skills (working really hard on them) are trumped by the endless filters on VSCO. And while I will always slightly turn my nose up at those apps that replicate a film photo (can't help it, I know film is super expensive to work on but I love the fact you don't know what images you have straight away, for me that's all the magic of it) I do think it's amazing just how much you can do on a phone! Maybe that makes me sound a bit like an old lady but shooting this post really got me thinking about it all.