Little Statements

This post is sponsored by PANDORA. 


Ok so you better be sat down for this shocker of a statement coming your way…. I love minimal outfits. Woah. I know. You did not see that coming one bit. 

But in all seriousness I really do. Obviously you all know this because you see my outfits all the time, and you guys probably also like minimal dressing which is why you read my blog. But I really really love it. Occasionally I dip my toe in something a little more out there, but minimal looks always have my heart. Nothing gets me feeling inspired like a well put together, super simple look. BUT. And this is a big but… Minimal dressing can be boring. I love jeans and a t-shirt so much, but on my fifth day in a row of wearing that, I feel desperate for a change. Finding what that change can be is the tricky bit. 

So this is where jewellery can come in, the perfect little statement to go alongside the perfectly minimal look. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was singing the praises of PANDORA’s A/W collection, well I am here to reinforce all that again. Ready to elevate my looks with gorgeous jewellery, in the form of bracelets and rings. As a minimal lover, I am of course drawn to minimal jewellery (how many times can one say minimal in one post?). PANDORA always execute that brilliantly, but with the perfect amount of a statement within each piece to help transform your outfit. 

Take the PANDORA Shimmering Leaves ring and the PANDORA Alluring Cushion ring. A perfect stacking pair, the simple band of the Alluring Cushion Ring is a great base for any stacking combination you might want to go for. This time, I chose a chunkier piece to sit on top. I love the detail in the Shimmering Leaves ring because from afar it almost looks like a solid piece, and then the detail is revealed when you see it up close. It makes what is a very intricate and ornate design feel way more… you guessed it… minimal. 

PANDORA is so well known for their charm bracelets, but what I love the most about those bracelets is seeing them charmless. They are even more charming (I am on a roll today) when left bare, and they fit my style so well when worn like this. My favourite thing about the PANDORA Moment Charm Bracelet, is the two toned design. It brings another dimension while still being minimal (be right back while I look ‘minimal up in the thesaurus, this is getting out of hand). Not to mention it means you don’t have to stick to the all silver or all gold rule which is silly rule anyway and one I have never adhered to. 


As you can see, I popped the Moment Charm Bracelet over my knit to really show it off. I felt it needed something else alongside it to make it look a little more deliberate, and not like I had accidentally got my sleeve caught in my bracelet. The two together really transform the look. It draws the eye straight to the wrist, which works especially well if you also have a gorgeous handbag to show off. The second bracelet is PANDORA's Signature Open Bangle. I think this might be my favourite item out of the four pieces. I love the structure of the bangle, which is broken up by the slight break with the two sparking stones at the two ends of the piece. Which is a pretty glitzy move for me, but still looks nice and… well… minimal! 

What I love about adding my PANDORA pieces to my looks is their overall delicacy. Unlike wearing a statement necklace or bangle, from afar you don’t immediately notice the pieces. But up close it brings a new aspect to a look, gives you something to look at which gets more interesting the closer you get. These pieces were the perfect addition to my London Fashion Week wardrobe, and really added that extra bit of something into my outfits while allowing me to stick to my everyday combinations. Not only was this look minimal, but also androgynous, my favourite trend for Autumn and Winter. You guys know I can't have too many longline blazers in my wardrobe! 

Shimmering Leaves Ring: c/o PANDORA | Alluring Cushion Ring: c/o PANDORA | Moments Charm Bracelet with Two Toned Clasp: c/o PANDORA | Signature Open Silver Bangle: c/o PANDORA 

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