New York Film Moments; Some Things I Love


Sharing some more film photos from New York today, all shot around East Village where I stayed. I have been holding onto the last pieces of content from my trip because it already feels like forever ago! I am writing this from my sofa listening to the London rain so the idea of wandering around in a skirt and sandals feels a million miles away. Someone commented the other day (by the way, while I am dreadful at replying to comments on here I read every single one, so thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave one), that I always say 'these are some of my favourite photos ever!" - and it's so true!! I am fighting the urge to do the same again here because, once again, these are some of my favourites. Can't tell you guys how good it feels to always want to say that about the content I am sharing! 

With that in mind I thought I would share some of the things I am loving at the moment (aside from these photos). Haven't done one of these posts in a while (the last one I did also involved some of my favourite ever photos, shock horror) and I do love them as little updates to share some things I have discovered recently. 

1. my cafetiere/french press 

So I used to be an avid tea drinker but recently I have been way more into coffee. I have one of those Nespresso pod machines which I bloody love, but the other week I treated myself to a lovely cafetiere from John Lewis (I lead a wild life), and since then my coffee has become such an important part of my morning. I love the smell of it, and sitting at my computer before I get dressed and enjoying a couple cups of coffee. One of those little things that I look forward to each day, and it's way more fun than using my Nespresso machine. 


2. Tumblr 

Oh I have gotten madly into Tumblr. I am going to start working on my own more and more to share my inspirations with you guys, because it's been where I have been looking for content more than other platform recently. My favourites are Fashion Gone Rouge, Always Judging and LA Cool & Chic. I spend so much time scrolling through, finding inspiration for outfits, homeware, and just general aesthetics. I tend to go on specific ones rather than my own homepage because I love how they're a cohesive collection of what someone is feeling and loving. 


3. Knee high boots 

Part of my Tumblr browsing brought me to the realisation that I am madly into knee high boots. Of course it's the love for Buffy in me that will always love the combination of boots and mini skirt, and it's a look I hope to go for very soon. I have an incredible pair from Dear Frances (my fave) on the way to me, and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am thinking of them with a frayed hem denim mini and a huge knit over the top so just the bottom of the skirt is visible. Keep your eyes peeled for that look. 



4. Take Me To The River - Talking Heads 

I was obsessed with this song a few months ago and the obessesion has come back in full force after it came on my shuffle last week. I haven't stopped listening to it since, such a cool vibe and whenever I have it on I have loads of video ideas. But my words of warning are not to listen in your headphones when you're out and about because it makes me do a weird swagger walking thing to the beat of the song. Back In The Tall Grass by Future Islands has the same effect - so if you ever see me strutting around Notting Hill in a weird way then you know the reason why. 


5. The Lady Gaga documentary 

Everyone was banging on about this so I gave it a go, and it was brilliant! Well worth a watch, it's really interesting to get an insight into just how gruelling the lifestyle is. I made Mum watch it also and she loved it. And if you're into music documentaries they also have Foo Fighter's Back And Forth on Netflix, and Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster, which is particularly brilliant and interesting even if you're not a fan of the band! 


6. Jo Malone Candles

Odd one here, but this is something I realised yesterday. I have a lot of candles on my mantlepiece, many of which are very expensive; Diptyque, Tom Dixon, another brand I can't remember the name of but it cost like £70. And then a Jo Malone one - and it's the only I can ever smell. If I burn that when people come round I know they will comment on it, and the other posh ones go unnoticed. I really want to do a post about fragrance soon, both that I have in my home and wear on myself, because I always find it interesting to hear what people love and how it represents you. I also know I have a strange taste in fragrance! 



Photos by Scott Leon