Capturing A Mood: Moody


So we started last week by capturing some happy smiley moments, today is a little moodier. I really don't want this to be seen as something that's unhappy, because these were shot on the same day as the happy ones - it's just a different vibe, and one you will all be more familiar with on there too. Spending as much time as I do looking at photos and videos of yourself can be a self esteem killer at times. I can have huge crisis of confidence about how I am looking some days, but I always push it away because I can't work on content productively while I am feeling like that. The easiest way for me to get around this is to pose in a way I know I won't mind looking back at, which is usually a moody stance. It's now how I am most used to seeing myself, even though I don't really think it represents who I am as a person. In fact, my main motivation for starting a YouTube channel was actually because I felt like the images on my blog weren't a good representation of my personality, which isn't desperately moody at all. 


That being said, this continues to be my go to pose. A moody glare is nothing new within fashion imagery, which I think is also a big influence as to why I tend to go for this look most of the time. And do you know what, even though it wasn't the case for these images, I am sometimes in a stinker of a mood when I have to shoot. I create so much content and shoot so often it's inevitable that some days I am not in the mood to look at photos of myself, or even worry about how I am looking at all. I can always tell the photos when I am feeling like that, even if you guys can't, and not surprisingly they are never ever my favourites. The best ones are the acting moody on what is actually a good mood day, just like these ones. 


Needless to say, an outfit can really change my mood too. If I go out in something that I suddenly feel uncomfortable in, then that's the day on a rapid downward spiral. Equally if I am feeling crappy and put on a good outfit, it can do me a world of good. Some of my best looks have actually been when I am hungover as hell because I do everything I can to make myself feel a little more alive and less like I might vomit everywhere. And looks like this one are one of those that can lift my mood. Androgynous, laid back, effortless... all a combination that makes me feel kind of powerful just by throwing a few really good basics together. 


jeans: weekday | t-shirt: ovadia and sons | blazer: everlane | shoes: dear frances


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