Some Home Updates


This post is sponsored by French Connection

I've been living in my new place for almost three months now. It's flown by, I've spent a considerable part of that travelling elsewhere and generally being busy. But my flat already feels like home, definitely a place I look forward to coming back to when I've been away, and a space that makes me feel calm and relaxed as soon as I walk in the door. 

I've really taken my time when it comes to decorating. I've not been rushing into any decisions, and my rule at first was to only add one piece at a time and not order too much all at once. It's definitely worked out for the best, because I love it more than I ever expected! 

I'm now moving onto the finishing touches that are making my flat feel complete, and I wanted to share those finishing touches with you guys today. I think that you always suddenly get to a point with interiors when it all just comes together. Once you have your furniture and artwork on the walls, it's really easy to visualise the final room.  


So I picked out a few pieces from French Connection’s gorgeous homeware collection. I have swooned over everything they have online for years now, they have incredible furniture as well as smaller decorative pieces. And I always love the way they style the pieces online which gives me tonnes of inspiration, and leaves me with a wish list longer than my arm. 

One thing I was really after for my flat was a gorgeous lamp (of which there are many to choose from here, I also have another one already!). As much as these darker evenings aren't ideal, there is a big part of me that loves turning on all my lamps, lighting candles and generally cosying up for the evening. So this glass pendant lamp was the perfect addition to my cosy evening line up. The huge arch in the arm makes it a perfect piece to sit behind some furniture so it doesn't take up too much space either, and I love the way the glass pendant sits in front of the window, and adds something into the space without taking away the focus from the gorgeous bay windows. It's like the perfect balance between a statement item, without being the centre of attention. 

Another statement piece is this giant knitted throw. I say statement mostly due to its sheer size and weight, it’s huge!! I have been using it in two rooms which makes me love it even more because it's a versatile piece. I have it laid over the bottom of my bed throughout the day - it's too big, and too beautiful, to store away and use as a blanket when needed, so this seemed like a good way to have it on show. And then in an evening I bring it into the lounge and wrap myself up in it and then try not to fall asleep on the sofa. 

I also have another throw on the sofa which stays there permanently. I was one of those heavenly moments where you find something that matches other pieces you have perfectly! I love having throws on my sofa, not just because it makes it super cosy, but the sofa is my landlord's and is a cream fabric that screams 'spill your coffee on me' so the less of it on show the better in my eyes. Adding things like that onto your furniture is a great way to add some colour into the space as well, and you can easily change it up after a few months. 




One thing I always love in other people's homes, but struggle with in mine, is the little nick knacks. I love being in homes that are full of things you want to look at, a little bit of clutter is always appealing to me - especially when it's thoughtful and carefully placed clutter. However, I always find it really hard to find the best pieces. So, my new thought process behind it is to pick items that could have a purpose, but also work decoratively. 

So with that in mind I picked out these two pots from French Connection, and I would love to hear what you guys would use them for too. The large green one is amazing, it literally weighs a tonne and I love that shade of green. I popped it on my mantlepiece because it works with the green of the ivy, but I am thinking it would also work well in my bathroom, to house cotton pads in a very chic way. So while I haven't fully decided on it yet, I love the fact I have a few options with it here. 

The smaller pot I think I have made my mind up with - it's perfect pen pot material. As my desk is the dining table, and while I always had the best intentions to keep it tidy and put my laptop away every evening, there hasn't been a single day I have done that. So instead I am embracing this as the messy space it will always be, and looking for nice little additions for it. Things like this pot are perfect, and if the day ever does come where I decide to put my laptop away on an evening, then the pen pot can take pride of place on the mantelpiece as it totally works on there too. Another versatile little addition! 



I'm wearing: Knit c/o French Connection and Jeans c/o French Connection