New Stomping Ground


This post is sponsored by Lacoste.  

Those of you who watch my weekly vlogs will know how much I love to walk. Over the past few months, going on a long walk became a daily ritual that kept my head on straight. It's something I have come to prioritise massively day to day. Since I have been in London if I can walk to my destination in under an hour, then I will go on foot. I know that's a huge chunk out of the day, but to explore this city, get my bearings and find locations, it's actually a really valuable use of time. Also that time with my own thoughts is so important, I work through my to-do list as I go, moving things around to work out how to prioritise things and work as efficiently as possible. I try to brainstorm ideas for content, have a little daydream and listen to a lot of music on the go. 

London is so vast, but living here makes it more manageable. When I used to travel down for work things, it's like taking on the entire city in one day. Rushing from A to B for meetings, it's what made London feel so constantly overwhelming for me and like something I could never tackle. Living here is so different. I am focused on my area, my neighbourhood. Of course I have been to loads of different areas, but having a base to come back to makes it feel so much more manageable. As I said, these long walks I take allow me to discover new locations all the time. One of those locations is Golbourne Road. Just at the top of Portobello, it's home to restaurants and cafés and lots of incredible antique and vintage stores. 

It was the top of my list for locations to shoot to share these new trainers from Lacoste with you guys. Of course all of this walking isn't possible without some comfy shoes on your feet too, which is why I wanted the theme of this post to be based around the spots I have found in my neighbourhood that I am loving. I have two pairs to share, the first being the most classic of the two. Everyone needs a pair of white leather trainers in their wardrobe, and these are a really luxurious option of that. The leather is so soft and smooth, and I love the minimal design with the little croc on the side, nothing too OTT at all! You can wear them all year round, with your denim, with your tailored trousers, or with a dress for Summer like I have done here. A particularly girly dress too, which is always fun to match with such sporty shoes.  




At risk of sounding like a majorly broken record but... I am into red and pink. I think we all know this by now. So pink trainers seem a no brainer for me, especially when paired with red jeans. The general theme of styling for this post has been around making a minimal leather trainer feel feminine, and what better way to do that than making it in pink. If I can peel myself away from my pink and red obsession I think that these will look amazing with some blue denim too - and I have an outfit vision of these in Winter with a long black coat, so watch this space for that in a couple of months. I love that despite it being quite a stand out colour, the shoe still feels so minimal and paired back. I found it so easy to style these up, and I really think it’s down to how classic and timeless they feel - just made all the more interested by the gorgeous baby pink shade. 

For the second location we had to go for the classic white houses of Notting Hill. These have almost become a blogger cliche, but there is a reason so many people love to shoot by them. And while I want to make the most of the vast options of locations London has to offer, I am pretty pleased to have this right on my doorstep. 
Every time I walk home past them all I can't believe that I live in this area. It's so iconic for London, and walking down Kensington Park Road and looking down street after street of perfectly preened white homes really is amazing. Sometimes when I walk back from Notting Hill tube station I zig-zag my way home to really have a good nosey. It's impossible not to fall in love with this area, and I keep having to pinch myself that when I have these little moments to explore, I am actually just around the corner from home. I am so thankful for all the new memories I am going to be able to make here, and of course will continue to explore more and more for as long as I live here... in my pink trainers too! 


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