What To Buy For The Woman Who Has Everything!

This post is sponsored by PANDORA

So here we are, one week into December, with Christmas day with us two weeks on Sunday (sorry to be the person who does that scary countdown thing, I hate those people too). Now, unless you are a complete Christmas pro, you may still have some Christmas shopping to do, if not all of it! I know I have a few pieces to get still, most of which are for my Mum. My Mum is officially the hardest person in the world to buy for. Not only does she do the ever so helpful “oh you don’t have to get me anything” line when we all know following that advice would be the worst thing to do, but she has everything. So, I have to think outside the box a little bit here. I know whatever I get her is just adding to a collection of things she already has, so rather than trying to think of something different to get her, I think of what piece will stand out amongst what she already has.

My Mum has jewellery. Lots of it, in every colour, material, style, and possible variation. There isn’t a gap in her collection I can fill with a gift, but the piece still needs to stand out all the same. I am focusing on two aspects to make that happen; craftsmanship and sentimentality. I spoke at length a couple of weeks ago about the craftsmanship of PANDORA’s jewellery, I am a fountain of knowledge when it comes to their pieces after visiting their factory and seeing everything first hand. While I have tried my hand at making some jewellery myself (complete pro at it, of course), I have now expanded my craftsmanship skills further. After a beautiful couple of days spent at Cliveden house with the jewellery brand, I am now adding ‘Expert Wreath Designer’ and ‘Average At Wrapping Presents’ and also ‘Mince Pie Extraordinaire’ to my CV. As you will have seen if you watched my weekly vlog last week, PANDORA whisked us all away for a Festive Workshop, where we get even closer to the idea of craftsmanship. There is something so rewarding about being so hands on with creating something, especially when the final result is nothing less than a masterpiece as is the case with my wreath. That element of care, pride, and above all, craftsmanship, is the cornerstone of their jewellery. It’s what makes it an effortless gift. Yes, she may have 103820191 bracelets already, but this one has the potential to stand out amongst them all. She will also be getting the wreath, which may outshine all other gifts due to its perfection (I am proud of my wreath, if you couldn’t tell).


I think the aspect that really makes the gift special the the sentimentality behind a piece, and this bit is up to you. PANDORA set the foundations with the beautiful pieces, but you must add your own touch of something special. So much of the magic behind Christmas is the memories attached to it, often from childhood when Christmas was at its most magical. Look for something within those memories that you share with whoever you may be buying the gift for, that can be attached to the perfect piece of jewellery. For instance, my favourite pieces from the Christmas Collection are the Star Trail Bangle and the Shimmering Leaves Ring. Two silver pieces, and silver holds a special memory for me. Every Christmas Mum brings out the posh knives and forks. They spend most of the year living in the canteen, and come out in their masses every Christmas looking all fancy, and then making me moody because I am not allowed to shove them in the dishwasher. When I was little, my Dad and I were the washing/drying up duo. And Christmas was the worst time for this. I remember so clearly how much I hated the job of drying the cutlery, how I had to put them all in the right place in the canteen and it was just SOOOO boring and SOOOOO unfair. We still have the same cutlery, and the same canteen, and they still come out every Christmas. I still have to dry them up, and I still whinge. But, those silver knives and forks hold such a special memory to me, and a memory that is so specific to Christmas. By gifting my Mum a silver piece of jewellery, and attaching a note with this story and this memory, it makes something sentimental. And we all know what some sentimental then becomes completely unique and irreplaceable, two words that always make the perfect gift.


So, thank you once again to PANDORA. Not only for another amazing experience in my career, another wonderful trip away, and even more beautiful jewellery; but for helping me to buy something for the most impossible person to buy for in this world.

Merry Christmas, Mum! x