Uniqlo x Olympia Le-Tan


Oh Uniqlo, no other high street brand quite does collaborations like you. I have shared a couple on my blog before, from Carine Roitfeld to Lemaire, Uniqlo really does create collaborations that I find more exciting than any others. This time they have really out done themselves, with the new collaboration with Olympia Le-Tan. First, let me briefly talk about the pieces themselves, before I go on to tell you the incredible story behind this collaboration. 

Olympia Le-Tan has teamed up with Uniqlo to design a collection of t-shirts and tank tops, and one incredible tote bag, inspired by Le-Tan's famous milk carton handbag. The t-shirts are so so cool. For someone who generally doesn't go for slogan tees, these have completely won me over. They are the perfect boxy shape, the softest, yet still structured cotton. They really are ticking all the boxes for me! 

I styled both t-shirts up with some denim, but one a little smarter than the other. I think boxy t-shirts like these look great tucked into jeans, and adding a cropped jacket is a great way to make things a little warmer too. I am so obsessed with the tote bag, and Harry has ALREADY asked me if he can have it so I am going to go and hide it right now so he can't get this thieving mitts on it. 



As I mentioned, what makes this collaboration even more amazing is the story behind it, which is focused on support for women in developing countries. Uniqlo has long has a commitment to supporting refugees through their partnership with UNHCR. Since they began their work together in 2011, they have distributed more than a whopping 16 million pieces of clothing to refugees and displaced people around the world. They are continuing their collaboration by donating a portion of the sales of these products to UNHCR, making this collaboration with Le-Tan the most direct support for refugees Uniqlo has worked on.

Furthermore, elements of the limited edition tote bags were embroidered by refugee artisan women in Malaysia who were compensated for their careful work. This collection focuses on the a social responsibility to aid refugee women that both Uniqlo and Le-Tan found a mutual interest. I think it makes the collection even more incredible, and makes me even more proud to be sharing this with you today. 

T-SHIRT: c/o UNIQLO x OLYMPIA LE-TAN (not online yet, but coming this week!) | JEANS: VINTAGE 501S | SHOES: GUCCI

The collection is available online now, and you can shop it heremore styles from this collection will be online this week.