Cya, Comfort Zone!!

Hello me in a floral coat!! A little unexpected, perhaps? This purchase is part of my coat testing basics, so I will refrain from saying too much about it to avoid repeating myself next weekend. BUT, I basically went wild and ordered a coat unlike anything I own. It's all down to my recent obsession with Maria Bernad on Instagram.. no one has made me want to wear florals like she has, and I couldn't stop thinking about this coat once I had seen it online. I think it's the darkness of the print which makes it seem more accessible than florals normally seem.

Let's save my final opinions on this piece for the Testing Basics video, and focus on this outfit. The best way to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to style is to do so gradually - the base of this outfit is typical me. Made up of pieces I have owned for a while and love very much. The slingback Gucci loafers that by now need no introduction, this COS longline shirt I have had for about two years now, and have never really found a shirt I love as much. And my frayed hem La Redoute jeans, which are so comfy I wear them at home all the time! This simple look made me feel way more ready to take on something so different to me, and I loved the refreshing update this piece gave to my outfit. 

Final section of this post goes to the wonderful Maria for these incredible photos. We worked together over a year ago on this post here, and have been trying (and failing) to match up our schedules to shoot again ever since! Finally we did it, and of course I could not be happier with the results! Follow Maria on Instagram here