Everything I am in The Mood For This Winter


This weekend really felt like Winter. Partly due to storm Brian making my windows rattle, and the darker evenings, but I have been full of that cosy Winter feeling. It' got me thinking about what I am really feeling this Winter, the outfits I want to wear, the wardrobe investments I might make. I have already got some amazing pieces that I have been wearing lots and lots, like this & Other Stories blazer and my fourth pair of Dear Frances boots, which I plan to continue wearing throughout the winter. 

The main thing I am into is investing in a cashmere coat. About two years ago now I once tried one on in Celine, I had no intention of buying it as it would mean taking out several bank loans and living off beans for the rest of my 20s, but I still think about that coat all the time. I am not setting my sights as high as Celine, but I am definitely looking to invest in a beautiful black cashmere coat that I can wear forever and ever. 

I have written before how I find myself becoming more and more interested in jewellery as I get older. I have pieces I wear every single day, and I looking to expand that collection and also add a few statement pieces in there. These earrings from All Blues are some of the only statement earrings I own, and I am always impressed by how much they transform a really simple look into something way more exciting. I love the combination of a turtleneck with big earrings, so it's something I definitely want to wear a lot this Winter. 



I am really into Chelsea boots as my practical shoe of choice. I have been filming a Testing Basics with them this week, and they are just such a versatile boot. I can't wait to share the video, but I really feel like all my flat boot dreams have been answered and they are so damn comfortable too.

A new Loewe Puzzle bag has been high on my wish list for a while now, specifically a tan one. In the next few months I might bite the bullet and go for it, because I still consider my black Puzzle to be the best bag I have ever bought. I am thinking it could be a birthday present to me, from me, depending how generous I am feeling. 

I think more than ever, the thing I am feeling for this Winter is not having loads of things. Not buying for the sake of it, and really thinking through my purchases. I am loving rewearing the same pieces at the moment - and whereas a year ago I would have been bored of something after a few wears, I am now reluctant to welcome too many new pieces into my wardrobe. I really want to make careful purchases that I can share with you guys lots and lots throughout Winter. For example, I bought some Celine loafers last week that I plan on wearing forever and ever. They are such a 'me' piece that I know I will never tire of, and are an item I can get the cost per wear down to a minimum - shoes like my Gucci loafers must be in a pence now, god knows how many times I have worn them. I don't think I will ever be restrained enough to have a capsule wardrobe, but it does feel good to know what you like and not feel pressured by trends to waver from that. It's a challenge to make content with the same items too, and one I welcome because it's actually the most realistic representation of how I am wearing my clothes at the moment. 




Photos by Dean Martindale