Crop Top (AGAIN!!)

What is going on with me and crop tops? This is the second one in less than a week!!! MY GOD! I don't know what's gotten into me here, I picked this one up in Reformation which was on the hit list of places we needed to visit while in LA. It's linen, and very very cropped indeed so I will solely be wearing it with high waisted bottoms. I think what makes this work so well is the balance of the giant sleeves which stop this from feeling too revealing even though it really is! I felt really great in it and will 100% be taking this in my suitcase when I next go away. 

As a little run down in Reformation, as I know it's a brand a lot of you are interested in. I have swooned over many pieces online before and been tempted to order and pay the customs charges. Hence heading in store being so high up on our to-do list. Now the store was a little underwhelming truth be told. I think we were all expecting to head to the changing rooms laden with pieces before spending aged deliberating how many we could justify buying. Instead we all felt a little disappointed by the selection, and each left with 1 or 2 pieces. The sizing is all over the place, meaning ordering online would be so tricky. Even after having experienced the sizing I still wouldn't be sure what to go for now!! Each dress fits differently, and they really so design for a certain body time (slim, and not big boobs). Lots of what I tried on would gape over the cleavage while fitting well everywhere else. The quality is lovely, the linen on this top is gorgeous and I also picked up a jersey body which looks incredible on. But not a single dress looked right on me and my figure, and lots were sold out in most sizes. If you are a fan of the brand are in LA then it's worth a trip by, but I don't feel in a position to offer much more advice on sizing when it comes to order online than; if you are slim and petite, go for your own size. Any other body type will struggle, and if you have big boobs the dresses are not for you. I was so hoping to pick one up for my current testing basics, but alas it wasn't meant to be! 

The skirt/shoe combination was inspired by Lucy Williams. Need I mention again how much I love her style?! She wore a skirt like this one a few weeks ago and I really loved it when I saw it on her Instagram. It's not something I would have ordered online had I not seen it on someone else first, so I was veryyy excited when I found a similar one in Urban Outfitters. It's a really flattering style because it skims over the hips which is super slimming. I had planned on wearing this with my Vans Old Skool but Linds told me the Loewe espadrilles, ala Lucy Williams, looked much better! 

I don't want to talk too much about the locations of LA just yet as I am working on a huge city guide to share very soon. But what I will say is that everywhere is a perfect location to shoot. The light on every corner is stunning, the vibe of each area varied and inspiring. These were shot in DTLA, and we have tried to shoot in a different spot each day to really share a feel of this amazing city which I will be so sad to leave.