My Week on 35mm #7



WELL last week was seriously busy, an incredibly fun. It was mostly all about planning and then attending LFW, one of the most exciting and stressful times in my year. This one was the most incredible one yet, mostly thanks to the incredible team at PANDORA. I actually held my very own event with them and Tumblr (check out the Tumblr page here too). It was the most incredible day ever. I smiled so so much and I am still buzzing with excitement when I think about it now - so a huge thank to PANDORA for continuing to support me and my blog and for these incredible opportunities. I hope you all enjoyed the post we worked on together too! 

So, here we have lots of outfits throughout the week, and some snapshots of London. As you will see if you watch the vlog, I started the week feeling very smug about how much work I was getting done. I HATE PAST ME!! Present me is not feeling so smug about my work load and I wanted to punch myself in the face when I edited this vlog and heard myself say that SO MANY TIMES, haha! Also big thank you to my Mum this week for coming down to London with me to help me shoot so many outfits, and Ben for taking time out of this weekend to film with me - can't wait to show you what we worked on though!! 

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