Welcome to my new site design! I am loving it so much, so I hope you guys too. I have been trying to push my blog content further and further recently. Making richer content with amazing photos - and I no longer felt like my old blog design was making the most of my content. I have also moved from Blogger to Squarespace - I loved being able to design my site using Squarespace and I will keep you guys posted about how I find using Squarespace too! I am going to be tweaking a few things throughout the day, but I was too excited to share it to wait any longer! 

Anyways let me just have a moment to share the love for my newest coat. I featured it in my ASOS haul, and I have been wearing it so much recently. It's literally the cosiest thing everrrr! I thought I would put a little selection of other faux fur coats I am loving. 

Coat: ASOS | Jeans: All Saints | Jumper: ASOS | Boots: Massimo Dutti