Minimal Christmas Decorations

My love for all things minimal is really never ending, and so when it came to thinking about decorating our flat, I knew it had to be simple. As I am away from today until the 9th December, and then going home for Christmas on the 20th, I don't really have much time at the flat throughout December. For that reason, we wanted to decorate in a way that wasn't too OTT, and also not a pain to take down before we head home. 

So in order to bring Christmas to our home, I searched Pinterest for some inspo and added a few small touches here and there that really has made the place feel so festive and cosy. 

The first thing was a tree - we didn't want a big one so I picked up this baby one from a local garden centre. I then violently squished (sorry tree) it into this white jug from IKEA. I loveee how it has turned out, and I think it looks really good without any baubles on. Simple, and clean! 

The second thing was inspired by this Pinterest image - to create a black vase. Now I think this would have looked better had I used a large glass bottle, or a vase with a smaller neck - but this one was super cheap from IKEA which made it ideal for some DIY experimentation. I just got a can of matt black spray paint (from B&Q, around £9 for a big can) and sprayed away! I then popped these fake twigs and sticks in there, which I got from the garden centre and were so over priced I don't really want to think about it. 

I also wanted to add some festive bits to items we already have. So I got some scented pine cones (also overpriced and don't even smell very much) and some pot pourri (one of my favourite things to say, if you were wondering) and filled these bowls.

Not content with just spray painting a vase, some baubles came under the firing line too. I don't think I have ever really seen black baubles before - and I wanted to add to our monochrome theme! I then chucked them in this IKEA jar (literally, from a distance too for fun, thank god they're plastic baubles) and tied some twine around the top. 

If you watched my haul video you will have already seen these amazing IKEA lights. They work SO well with the space we live in, that I think I will keep them up year around. They are so cosy to switch on in the evening, and they look so impressive. 

Finally is my DIY Advent calendar (read more about it here) which I am so in love with. I won't talk about it too much, but I am going to try and bring it up in as many posts as possible as it's one of my proudest achievements!!