The Once In A Lifetime Trip

HELLOOO from Singapore!!! OHH my gosh I am so excited to be here! I wanted to do a quick post as a little introduction to my holiday content that will be coming soon. I am so excited to share everything we get up to, and to ditch the layers for the next couple of weeks! Yesterday was a day filled with traveling (literally, it took us 24hrs in total!!!) but we are up and about and feeling fresh this morning. Our plans for Singapore are to shop, shop, and shop again some more. SOO I gotta dash, because the shops are calling my nameeeee. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post too, I am so excited to share it as it is the BIGGEST post I have ever worked on (big as in the content in it is HUGEEEE and it's going to have all the Black Friday info you could wish for!)