I am slowly but surely turning into a bag lady, and this Loxley bag has really sealed the deal! I have always liked the idea of having a fancy backpack. Like so many other women, I fill my bags with so much stuff that I am sure I walk with one shoulder slightly lower than the other. I have always felt a backpack would be the perfect way to not cause serious damage to my shoulders/back, and always envied girls that make them look so stylish. I've looked for so many online before, but never found the right one - they're always too big, too small, too much hardware, too much like a school bag (I am seriously picky!) But now I am happy to say, I have found the perfect backpack!! It's just the right size, it's black (always), the softest leather ever, and perfect to full with a tonne of stuff and not make me walk all wonky. It arrived while I was away, so the first thing I did when I got back yesterday was drag Harry out to take some photos of it. This was one of those outfits where you feel so good, and you guys loved it on Insta too - so be prepared to see this combo again soon!

Bag: c/o Loxley | Cape: COS | Jumper: Uniqlo | Jeans: Waven | Hat: COS | Shoes: Gucci (closed back version here)

-Post created in collaboration with Loxley-