Boozing at Christmas

Festive Gin & Tonic: 

- Gin (as much as you like)

- Tonic 

- Cranberry Juice (go about halfy halfy with the tonic and juice) 

- Orange Rind

- Freeze some Cranberries the night before and chuck 'em in 

- Line the rim of the glass with some cinnamon

There you have a festive G&T!

While shooting this post yesterday, I got to thinking about alcohol and how it can define certain aspects of our lives. Christmas is definitely a boozy time of year for many of us, and while I do love to sit down and enjoy a drink on an evening, I am really not much of a drinker. I think this has had huge effects on my life, specifically through my late teens and early 20s. When I say I am not much of a drinker, I mostly mean I don't like to get drunk. If you suggested to head out for a few cocktails, I would be there in a flash (pass me a mojito please), but only for a couple. Alcohol has completely depressive effects for me, yep, I am a drunk crier - the worst kind of drunk! I am pretty sure all of us avoid anything we know will make us sad, so that's all I do with drinking.

Not wanting to go out and get drunk has effected aspects of my life, mostly through university. I never had a student lifestyle, I only went to two student club nights while at uni (I hated them both), and it certainly effected the way I met people and made friends. I think it's a shame that so much of uni life is based around drinking, and I am thankful that as I grow older it seems more of the norm to go out for a couple of nice cocktails, than it is to go to a club and pay £3 for a spirit and mixer. Sometimes I have a moment where I think 'OK, tonight I am going to have fun and get drunk!', and about four drinks in it will suddenly click that this just isn't my idea of fun, and I will feel like I can't stomach another drop. I used to feel a pressure to get drunk and enjoy drinking, as though getting drunk and fun would come hand in hand, but as I grow older I become more confident of what my idea of fun is. While I have always been slightly envious of people who can enjoy a drunken night (without ending up in tears), I now just accept that isn't me, and alcohol can't effect us all in the same way. I love to socialise with a drink in hand, then go home and do some colouring in or have a bath - that is my idea of fun fo sho! 

So while I am excited for a drink this Christmas (specifically a festive G&T), it will only be a couple. And I will wake up thankful for it the next morning too. 


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