Weekend Recap


I am starting off the week with another weekend recap! I've had another wonderfully relaxing weekend, spent doing nothing much at all but still feeling kind of productive. On Friday night I finished my book, which always is a good moment! So now I am onto reading Lolita, which is much heavier but the writing is amazing. Saturday was then spent running errands; uploading videos, nipping to the post office, heading to get some flowers. Bits and bobs which need to be done but are also so easy peasy. 

I was really loving my outfit too, which also makes for a good day! I got dressed up from the shoes up (always), and aren't these boots and jeans a really great combo. I am loving these jeans with all shoes and outfits at the moment, and they're perfect with a knit tucked in and a coat thrown over the top.  

You guys always compliment these boots (with good reason, they are bloody gorgeous), so I thought I would let you all know about a little campaign Dear Frances is running, where you can earn a pair of her shoes yourself. Just sign up here, and share away, to earn some store credit. And believe me, the new collection is so gorgeous, it'll worth while! 




Obviously the weekend featured some coffee, and lots of relaxing at home. ALSO shocking yet wonderful moment, it was kind of sunglasses weather. I say kind of because when we left the flat it was 100% sunglasses weather, then we stepped out and the sun stepped behind a cloud. We still went for the sunglasses anyways.

We are so into spending evenings in front of the TV (with tea and biscuits in hand), before reading our books in bed. I just re-read that sentence, am I really 23, haha?! Also, how gorgeous is this vase/jug thingy? Mum got it me for Christmas, and after spending a while deliberating between using it as a pitcher or a vase as I went with vase... as I have never had a need for a pitcher in my life!

Did you guys see the latest edition to our home that I shared on my Instagram? Since then I have been obsessively searching for gorgeous tea towels that I can hang on the walls. I am going to be doing some more homeware posts soon I promise, I just want to add a few things here and there first!





We started our Sunday off (looking far more awful than I do here!!) at Asda. Before heading back to clean the flat... so very glamorous! Harry's family came to visit us and we all headed out for some delicious food at Turtle Bay. Andddd now we are here, with me sat on the sofa in my comfies writing up this post while watching Buffy. I am feeling so relaxed and ready for another busy week ahead, recently I have got into a great routine of having weekends not working so much and taking my mind off blogging a little, before jumping straight back into things on Monday morning.