Taking A Step Back

It's currently 6:05pm on Monday evening. I have been sat planning outfits to shoot tomorrow (or today, as you're reading this) and completely banging my head against a wall, so I thought I would discuss this with you all. I have spoken before about being in a style rut, and while not knowing what I want to wear is part of my current frustration, it also runs a little deeper than that. It comes from a desperate need to take a step back from what I am doing, coupled with that being the last thing I actually want to do. I create a lot of content. I share my outfit everyday in some form, I plan and plan and plan so that content on here, Instagram and my YouTube doesn't overlap too much. I love it more than anything so I honestly find it all quite effortless, until moments like this strike. Part of creating so much content also means being quick at it, which can mean failing to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I can put together an outfit post in no time at all, I have been doing it for a few years now, and I don't find it difficult at all. But, when I allow myself to just churn out the things I know I can do most efficiently, that is when things begin to feel stagnant. There is nothing wrong with falling back to efficient ways sometimes, we all have to do when schedules get tight, but I think it's important to recognise when you are doing it and not allow it to go on for too long. 

So, with a day of shooting coming up tomorrow, I am trying to step back a little. Remind myself what are my favourite aspects of my blog, what are the best posts I have ever done, what images do I always stop scrolling for?? When I am looking for this I try not to look at specific people, I find it can spiral into comparison and imitation if you're not careful. Rather, look at the bigger picture, what sort of outfits inspire? What kind if images do you love? I was just about to do my usual Pinterest rounds when I thought I may as well share this with you. I don't often share any images that aren't my own, but something a little different is all part and parcel of taking a step back too! So here we go with some photos I am loving for different reasons - I am focusing here more on imagery and photography rather than outfits. 

1. Streetstyle images

This blog is all about streetstyle. It's my absolute favourite and never stops inspiring me. I love seeing women wearing incredible clothes looking like they just happened to be wandering around. Captured in the moment with little worry for the backdrop or location, just an incredible outfit on the go. I strive for that on here all the time (albeit with thought going into the location, while trying to make it look as effortless as possible!), and I will continue to work in this way. Hand in hand with streetstyle imagery is the movement of the 'poses', which I have put in quotation marks because they're not meant to be poses at all. A real walk across the street not only looks bloody cool, but captures the clothes in the best possible way. It shows how they actually hang on the body, how they move when you walk. 

streetstyle 1.jpg

2. Embracing the elements

Shooting gets harder during Winter. The shorts days, most of which are full of rain, plans to shoot are scuppered more often than not. While shooting in the rain is wayyyy easier said than done, it's something I would like to try out more and more, along with shooting on the dark evenings (I loved the outcome of experimenting with that so far). I think it will taking a bit of research in terms of my camera skills, but I am feeling very much up to the challenge! 

3. The details

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my love for detail shots. They seemed to be such a thing when I first started blogging, but then everything got super samey! However they definitely feel as though they are missing from my posts, so I need to dip my toes back into the world of detail images. I think the key is playing with angles to prevent them being too boring! 

3. Film

Nothing has inspired me more recently than film. And all my most favourite posts of the last few months have been my film ones. The grainy yet warm effect you get from shooting on film just transforms any image. Even if actually shot on digital, the film effect given in post production on some images always catches my eye. It's a complete shift away from the usual super sharp blog images (which I still really love) and is so refreshing!! 

So I hope you guys found this interesting. All images were found on Pinterest, I am so sorry to not be able to credit original sources, Pinterest always makes that so bloody difficult! But for now I am on my way out, camera in hand, feeling a little more inspired for what images I hope to create! The posts we shoot today will be on the blog next week, so keep an eye peeled. 

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