An LA Love Affair

I am writing this post sat in the Four Seasons hotel (fancaaaaay, and more on this to follow next week) waiting to check out before flying home this evening. It's with complete mixed feelings that I am leaving LA. I spent Monday afternoon refreshing my phone in horror watching the events play out in Manchester that evening, something which I think will make me feel teary and cover me with goosebumps for a long, long time. It felt awful being so far away from home while something so awful was happening there, and one half of me is desperate to be back there right now, while the other half tenses up at the thought of the drive back into a city that has experienced such trauma.

Now my blog is not a political space, nor will it ever be. It's a space for fashion inspiration, for you guys to come to for light hearted reading, but there was no way I could go without mentioning this. The city I call home, the backdrop to so many photos you see on here. Somewhere so vibrant and welcoming, full of so many incredible people, somewhere I guarantee you would fall in love with if you have never visited before. I needed to address it, but I also need to leave this here. My thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by what happened, and I wanted to thank you all for your messages of concern for me and my family/friends. I hope you are all feeling good and ready to see lots of content from me again. From here on in content and my content schedule is back to normal, because life does go on, and in the face of these terrorist acts it is more important than ever that life goes on regardless, and without terror. 

This is now my third post from L.A, and hands down my favourite so far. This one was shot in Venice, an area we visited twice while we were there, which is so vibrant and felt like the most buzzing spot we went too. I honestly can't believe how much I have fallen in love with LA - I was expecting to like it, but not expecting to love it. I am honestly sat here with a tab open for Air B&B trying to work out when I can fit in another trip, I haven't been anywhere that's made me feel like that before. I wish I could really put my finger on what it is that makes me, and so many other people, fall so in love with LA. I think it's partly the general quality of life, that is especially appealing when you're freelancing too. The sunshine obviously plays a big part, but I've been to many sunny spots that I haven't felt this way towards.  But without a doubt I will be back there as soon as I possibly can be, hopefully this Summer so I can create some more content that I love. It's definitely left me full of ideas and inspiration for my blog and YouTube, and I am ready to nurse a serious case of the holiday blues when I get home. 

So I really hope that you guys are enjoying this LA content as much as I am because you are probably going to see more of it soon (fingers crossed)! And finally, you may have noticed a lot of this style of dress on my Instagram recently, Testing Basics for this style of dress is coming soon I promise! 


Photos by Scott Leon