My Week In Film #6

Hey everyone! Today we are making our way down to Heathrow to fly to Vancouver tomorrow, so this is going to be the last week in film for a couple of weeks. Of course I will be shooting loadsss on my little film camera while we are away, and will have it all to share in one giant post once we are back! I didn't want to promise any posts in the meantime incase I can't find a place to develop the film where we are away, but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to every comment, tweet and message you guys have sent me about our little missing cat, Neville. I have the heaviest heart writing this as he sadly hasn't come home to us yet, and us going on holiday is mixed with lots of guilt incase he does come back when we are gone. In all honesty, I am not hopeful that we get to see him again. He is quite an old man, and something in me is telling me he hasn't been able to pull through whatever has happened to him. Of course, the worst thing is just not knowing. It makes so sad to think he might have suffered and we couldn't get to him to help him, and it's been another emotional week with that thought in my head. You guys have cheered me up no end and made me smile so much. As always, life stops at nothing so we are all getting on with things and finding all the reasons we have to smile! But thank you SO much for your interest in our little Nev, and who knows, he may still find his way back to us all! 

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED to be going on holiday tomorrow, and to explore somewhere I have never been before. OBVS I will be vlogging, shooting outfits and city guides, and generally being the ultimate tourist carrying about three cameras with me at all times!