Time Flies

YAY for it being Friday today! I have a very lovely weekend ahead as it's mine and Harry's six year anniversary on Sunday. More on that next week, because for now lets cast our eyes back to last Friday when I shot with the wonderful Joe. You have already seen the first outfit we shot, but I think these may just take the top spot as my favourites. 

The outfit was one I was pretty fond of too. This jacket is my favourite Summer jacket that I bought last year in the sales. It's been sadly hanging in my wardrobe untouched for the past few months, and then I thought "hold on a minute, nothing to stop me wearing it now and slightly freezing to death". So that's what I did. Layered over a cashmere knit (I am massively converted onto cashmere now!!) and a giant scarf. It was actually rather sunny on the day, and I think the combination of that and wearing my Summer jacket went to my head a little bit because I went and got an iced latte... learn from my mistake people, it is not warm enough to be wandering around with an iced drink in hand. I think I nearly lost a few fingers (over dramatic? Moi??) but it was totally worth it for these photos. 

Anyways, I hope you have all had lovely weeks. I hate to do the usual "I can't believe how fast time is going" but yep, I can't bloody believe January is almost over. It's that weird time thing where it simultaneously seems to have flown by, while feeling like it was agesssss since Christmas. I have had an amazing month working at home and I am feeling very inspired and motivated right now. My first trip of 2017 is coming up next week when I will be heading to Copenhagen for Fashion Week (SOOO excited) for a few days, so we will have a change in scene for my content soon.

Jacket: Toteme (old, so sorry) | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: c/o Dear Frances | Knit: John Lewis | Bag: Loewe | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Scarf: COS

Photos by Joe Galvin