The Burn Out


This week has been killer. I have been the most tired I have been in a long time, got a cold lingering just around the corner that I can feel is desperate to approach despite my attempts to keep it at bay. I can't drag myself out of bed much before 8am (not like me, I am usually a 6:30 riser) and I still am tired all day long. All these complaints are so common this time of year, and I know so many of you will be nodding along thinking yesss this is me too!! My last time to New York was amazing but really took it out of me, while editing the vlog I filmed there I had never seen myself look so tired or run down before. 

As I said, this is totally typical of this time of year and has spurred me on to taking some time off over Christmas really seriously. I have already decided not to do Vlogmas this year, which is just one task too many after such a turbulent year, and in a few weeks time I am going to go home to Mum's and go into full Christmas relax mode; chocolate, lie ins, whiskeys and lots and lots of cups of tea. I am going to keep the posts coming for you guys, and the videos on YouTube (just not daily ones) so there is still a lot of content to come! 

I think so many of us are guilty of pushing ourselves to burn out point. So many of my friends work so insanely hard, trying to fit in social arrangements, relationships, exercise, self care and enough sleep around a relentless working week. It will be the case for so many of you reading this, and I for one know how hard it can be to switch off a little or to feel like you can just take your foot off the gas even the tiniest bit. But Christmas is definitely the time to do it, embrace the short days where you can in favour for extra hours in bed, maybe say no to social plans if you're eyes are dropping off at your desk during the day. 



Tiredness aside, I am feeling inspired by my wardrobe at the moment. This blazer is new in from The Frankie Shop, which is a must visit while in New York. They have the most insane Instagram so I was desperate to check out the shop, which happened to be just around the corner from our hotel (some things are just meant to be). While my blazer collection might be extensive, I do feel it lacks with the double breasted variety - and this one fits me like a dream. I have been layering up with t-shirt and knits and scarves so I can get away with wearing it in this cold weather. 

My Dear Frances boots have sent me into a frezny of lusting over knee high boots. I have been so pleasantly surprised at how versatile these boots are, and so would welcome a few different styles into my collection. I fell madly in love with these Gianvito Rossi ones while in New York, and quickly out of love when I caught glimpse of the price tag. They were the softest leather in the world so remain on the top of my hit list come the January sales. 

I have also gotten into layering gold necklaces recently. While there is nothing revolutionary in that, I have been amazed by how much it seems to update my looks. These are my current three favourites; the coin from Lucy Williams x Missoma which can be worn in three different lengths, making it versatile when you are teaming it with other ones too. My Chupi interlocking circles I have had for a while now, these one ignited my love for necklaces generally. And the most recent addition is this evil eye one from Astley Clarke, I love how dainty it is when worn alongside other pieces. 

Final brief mentions to my current manicure which I am SO into. Just a clear gel with glitter in it, I think it's going to be my choice for the festive season as it has a little bit of sparkle in there without being too OTT. 



Photos by Dean Martindale.