An Ode To Everlane


This post is sponsored by Everlane


The word 'Everlane' has come up on my blog many times due to this blazer, which is one of the most worn in my collections (pictured in the bag above, because it can be folded/scrunched, whatever your style, and still comes out looking amazing- one of the many reasons I love it). However, despite that, I feel like I have never really spoken about the brand too much. It's one you often ask me to feature in Testing Basics because it is an ethical brand that is incredibly transparent and where the products are made, and the only reason holding me back from that is that the brand doesn't ship the UK.. until now, YAY! Until the end of this month (May, just incase some of you reading struggle to keep up with what day/month/year we are in, also welcome to the club, I dated a form with 2017 last week), Everlane are offering free shipping to the UK on all orders over $250. FYI, the beloved blazer is on back order, but if you place the order now you can still make the most of the offer even if it isn't shipped straight away. 

Not only is Everlane getting some major brownie points for being ethical, but the product it offers is amazing. This shirt is definitely aiming for the top spot in my white shirt collection as favourite - I love it. The single breast pocket, the collarless detail, the crisp cotton - this will be the white shirt of the Summer for me, and also amazing on the beach over a bikini for any upcoming holidays. So, I want to offer some sizing advice on the jeans as I didn't get it quite right, I went for a waist 27 but I think I actually could have gone down to a waist 26 for s tighter fit around the waist. Thankfully it's nothing a good belt can't fix, but if you are small waisted I would recommend going down one or two sizes for this one. Everything else fits very much true to size - the suede shoes are the perfect fit, and are incredibly comfortable. The tote bag as the seal of approval from non other than Meghan Markle. I haven't spoken about the Royal Wedding on here yet, but I was very much banded in the category of people who didn't feel very interested in the whole thing until the second I started watching it and then I was enthralled!!! Meghan has it in the cognac colour which is (not surprisingly) sold out, and while I am not officially a princess despite how much I can act like one, I would also like to give the blush one a royal seal of approval. For me it won't be an everyday handbag as I prefer something smaller, but for going on trips and the days when you seem to need to lug around 34 notebooks, a laptop and half a library with you.