Summer To Winter


Ending off the week with some photos I loveeeee!! Shot these in LA with Scott on Venice Beach, which was madly busy and rather windy but thankfully these turned out just peachy. I think some of the ones I scanned look like vintage postcards which I love so much. Of course I love this dress a lot too. I got it from Jaquemus for a testing basics video and, as its quite the fancy piece, haven't had much chance to wear it but was desperate to shoot it on the beach. I feel so amazing in this dress I wish I could wear it all the time, but not only would that be a little OTT it's also almost impossible to get on and do up when you're on your own, so it just isn't meant to be. 

As there is no styling in this post really there isn't too much more I can say about this outfit. So of course the natural thing to discuss instead is the passing of time. Looking at these photos I can't believe how long ago it feels like since I was in LA, in what felt like the height of Summer, when now feels like we are coming to an end of it all. The grey days becoming more frequent and the general feeling like the days are getting shorter. I do really love autumn and winter, and the cliche things to look forward to like those cosy feelings, warm drinks, knitwear, candles etc etc. But there is also something about Winter that I associate with slowing down; more nights in, binging box sets, and I am by no means ready to do that yet. I have loved the long evenings of Summer drinking in the garden, and the spontaneous plans that seem so much more appealing when it's still bright out. So while I am clearly thinking ahead a little here, after all we are still in August, I am planning on holding on the last bits of Summer as much as possible. Sartorially speaking and I am more than ready for knits and layers, but in terms of actual life (and this isn't even touching on the effects the darker months can have on mental health) I am holding onto the feelings of Summer a little longer. I just know everyone of you will nod along when I say I can't believe we are past the half way point of the year, it has flown by at the most alarming rate and I wish I had a way to make things slow down. Like I said, even thinking these photos were taken a month ago is mind blowing!! 

So here is to desperately finding a balance to wishing things would slow down, while also looking forward to the things ahead. I know that is something I am working on - not wishing the time away just because I am missing wearing knitwear, while also not holding on to what has been an amazing Summer when there is nothing to say the Winter months won't be so amazing too.