Summer Skin


Coming to you guys today with some beauty chat, which is a little different for me. As I get older, my focus moves further away from make up and closer to skincare. I love wearing as little make up as possible because it's not something I really enjoy doing, so investing in and looking after my skin is super important to me right now. In the summer it feels even more relevant too as you show more and more skin (currently 31 degrees in London and I am sat at my desk in my knickers because this flat is like a furnace!!!), so I wanted to discuss summer skin more generally - not just the skin on your face.


So I have very sensitive skin all over my body. My face can't cope with anything strongly fragranced, and I approach any new products with trepidation. The skin on my body marks really easily, gets dry quickly and doesn't take well to any form of hair removal (and I have tried them all). I don't tan too much, right now I am the most tanned I have ever been but it's taken months of constant sun exposure to build this up. I have a lot of freckles which I love, even though I used to hate them. The sensitivity of my skin is the overarching issue for me and skincare, meaning I have items I have used for years and don't waver from because I know how well they work for me. These are the items I want to talk about! 



So these photos show my make up how I wear it everyday - Glossier Concealer on my nose and under my eyes, Nars Laguna bronzer on my cheeks, Glossier cloud paint for blusher, Hourglass brow gel and highlighter, and Lancome mascara - done and dusted. I love letting my freckles show through so I only wear any coverage where my skin really needs it, which is always on and around my nose where I get some redness. 

The key to summer skin care is of course SPF. I have two favourites for this. My Avene mousituriser which is part of my everyday skincare, and then I take out the Glossier sun cream to add through the day if it's needed (I touch my face a lot so things to tend to get rubbed off). Both of these are really light and don't cause any breakouts for me. If I want SPF in my make up, the Nars tinted moisturiser is the one I opt for. 

While I am fascinated by the many many steps in some people's skincare routines, I have always preferred something really simple for mine. I was my face with the La Roche Posey cleanser and then use one of three things; Embryolisse Creme Concentrete, and the Pai Rosehip Oil I tend to rotate between them both and I love how they all make my skin look and feel. The Embryolisse is great under make up whereas the other two are more night-time apporpriate. 



So the minimal outlook for skincare on my face follows through for the rest of my skin too. My all time favourite moisturiser is the Bioderma Atoderm Cream - it's the best! I think even if you don't have sensitive skin it's best to used an un-fragranced moisturiser - if you have a favourite perfume, or like to spend a lot on your scent, there is no sense in letting the smell from a body cream to interfere with that. I always use it after every shower from head to toe and it soaks in perfectly so I can get dressed pretty much straight away after. 

Other than that I don't put much else on my skin. I try to use Sanex in the shower and exfoliate with exfoliating gloves, but not too often with that one because I think you can really over do it with sensitive skin. 



Of course, so much of summer skin care comes down to hair removal (if you choose to do it, that is). For those of us with sensitive skin it can be a tricky one to master. I have had stages in my life where I religiously get waxes, tried lazer hair removal on my bikini line, and also shaved more times than I can count. My skin just doesn't get on well with hair removal; razor burn, redness, ingrown hairs - the lot. Hence me forking out all the cash for laser hair removal, which is great but you can't have any sun exposure during the course (which takes the best part of a year) so it's really hard to keep up with it when you travel. 

I have found the best combination to be regularly shaving using a decent razor and shaving cream for sensitive skin (this one is good), and then moisturising a lot. My two holy grail products are from this brand I recently discovered called Fur. I mostly use them on my bikini line but you can use them everywhere - and it's the only product I have found that really helps against all the shaving related skin problems. I ordered them from their website and didn't caught by any customs charges, but they also stock them on Free People here. Can't recommend the Fur Oil and the Ingrown Treatment enough, and believe me when I say I have tried a lot of products! 



The reason I wanted to write this post is because I know we are in the thick of the season for bikini photos on Instagram, and while the whole body image debate needs a post to itself, these images often contain perfect tanned smooth skin too. Remember and iPhone camera really does blur out imperfections, that you can easily smooth skin in an edit, and that everyone's skin gets marks and spots from time to time. Needless to say these photos are unedited - scars, freckles, little spots on my legs bared for you all to see!