More Film Magic!

Next week I will be kicking off some posts from Vancouver, but in the meantime I am coming to you today with one of my favourite posts ever. Once again, shot by the incredible Paul and all taken on film. I didn't think I could love film photography any more since the last post we worked on together, but he's gone an outdone himself with these incredible snaps! We spent a Sunday morning wandering all around the Northern Quarter, taking photos as we went, on a perfectly cloudy morning. I think that film photography and the Northern Quarter go hand in hand, with the slightly grungy, not quite perfect, but completely charming feel. 

The outfit was all about this gorgeous Acne shirt - I have loads more info coming your way about this with Sunday's video, so stay tuned for that! And my gorgeous pom pom sandals made another appearance - I had a moment the other day when I was sat looking at these (As you do) thinking about how much I love them (promise I'm not weird) and then felt a wave of sadness that I wouldn't be able to wear them for much longer once winter came (I'm not overdramatic either, I swear). So, I have been wearing them whenever I can to get the most out of them - and they really do come into their own when worn with super minimal combinations like this one! 


Photos by Paul T James, follow him on Insta here (I really do insist!!), and check out his website here