The One Trend


I am not much of a fan of trends and don't spend too much time following them, but it's inevitable that they filter down into your wardrobe a little bit. Plus, blogs make it easier than ever to find trends that work for you to dip in and out of them as you please. I think the key to finding the trends that work for you is to wait it out a little. There is little need to be the first person to be on a trend, just have an open mind to trying new things, while having a good sense of what is 'you'. Just wait it out a little, don't jump on the band wagon just because you feel you should do, if something keeps catching your eye then go for it! On the other hand, use the high street to dip your toes into something you are unsure about. I think I have mentioned this before, but if I order something I am a little unsure on, I keep it at home for a week. Everyday when I get dressed I ask myself if the item in question would work with my outfit - and after a week of asking that question you will get a good idea if it's worth keeping. Sometimes the answer to that question each day is 'no', but still I have a desire to give it a go and see it as a way to inject something new into my every day combinations. 

This season the one trend that has really been standing out to me, perhaps due to the way the high street has taken it on, is velvet. It's pretty much everywhere, but I am loving it as an update on classic pieces. The luxe texture transforms the minimal pieces I love so much, while still remaining just as versatile and easy to wear as before. This velvet bomber has been a firm favourite since I bought it. Perfect to throw on most days as it's incredible warm and also looks amazing. 

Aside from this bomber my love for velvet has extended into dresses (I bought this one, which I love) and a cami top that I actually haven't found very wearable, and my Topshop velvet boots which I loveeeee. I did try out velvet trousers but remind me to never do that again, they looked god awful and went straight back! I am however eying up this gorgeous blazer, and feeling a little tempted by a velvet coat. What do you think? Anyway, you can shop this look and all my fave velvet pieces here: 


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