New On My Walls

This post is sponsored by Desenio

Well it's been a while since I shared anything interiors related! Truth be told there hasn't been too many updates in our flat. We are both really happy with how it is right now, and don't plan to stay here much longer.. meaning there isn't much sense in updating things drastically. There are three things I do keep buying; candles, rugs and artwork. And this post is going to be all about the latter. We have a lot of things on our walls, and nothing transforms a place like drawings and photos covering as much wall space as possible. I am always happy with a new picture as a gift for our flat, and over the years have amassed a pretty considerable collection! A collection that has just grown by an additional four pieces thanks to Desenio who sent me some gorgeous prints. I think the great thing about artwork in your home is how much it updates the space, and it's something you could switch up all the time to completely refresh your home. Which is why it's great to have some affordable pieces in there to liven things up a little bit from time to time, which is what Desenio offers (and has frames online too... GODSEND!) 

As part of this collaboration Desenio have also given me 25% discount code for you guys, should you fancy anything yourself! It runs from today (25th April) to Thursday (27th April), and will give you 25% off everything except frames and posters in the 'handpicked' section. The code you need is shotfromthestreet25. 

The first print I have is this little agate one, which I chose for the colours which match our living room perfectly. On one wall I have a monochrome gallery wall, and the other are four photos hanging from coat hooks. Two of those four are photos my old flatmate took of Harry and I, which have been faded by the sun into the most amazing pink shade. I panicked when I first noticed this had happened, but now I love it! Due to the height of one of them, the pink fade sadly just started half way down our faces, so I have been looking for another print to replace that one for a while. The pink tones in this one match perfectly with the other images, and the orange ties in with it's photo neighbour and the cushions we have on the sofa. 


Next up is a fun one, and yes that is a Puzzler book in the foreground and no I haven't thrown it out because I like to do a crossword from time to time! This banana print is now living in the corner of our kitchen, which is definitely lacking in colour. They have a few different fruit prints online too which I am very tempted by to inject even more colour into the space, because this one works perfectly. A theme for our flat is 'how much stuff can two people own', and while it drives me insane I love living in a home where there are loads of things you want to look at. Such as the wire shelves next to this one, which are filled with all sorts of nick nacks that no one has any use for whatsoever. 


I chose this photograph as it's the perfect partner to an image we already have. It is leant up in the corner, partially hidden by a giant lamp and other things (continuing with the 'so much stuff' theme). This one now sits alongside it, and leaning your prints against a wall is a great tip if you find yourself running out of wall space. And while it may seem counter intuitive to have prints partially concealed by other bits and bobs, it creates such an interesting space that really invites you to have stare and a nosey. 


And the final one is a hugeee print which is now above our bed. We previously had lots of photos of family and friends there, but I had been on the hunt for a big print to replace those so I can scatter the photos elsewhere instead. The issue is those two bloody lights above the bed. They make it so difficult to make the most of that wall space, but things like this are part and parcel of living in a rented space! This giant print fits perfectly between the two, and matches the amazing Anthropologie bedding we have. The reason I went for this one is because it reminds of Tropea, the area in Italy we visit every Summer. It's an old Italian town with so many walls just like the one in the image, hence why I wanted it in such a big size too!


Remember you can get 25% off the prints with the code shotfromthestreet25.